What The Fuss?

Here are things you should care about

Ep1: Reviews for Insurance

In this pilot episode of What The Fuss? - we break down why you should seriously care about reviews, especially for insurance. We have long held that reviews do not exist to simply criticise or celebrate.That's why we have ours purpose.

Our system is designed to use insurance reviews to actually help you. Listen to our founder give you the full low-down on how we are different and why you should start reviewing providers on worryandpeace.com. It'll only take 5 minutes.


Ep2: Online Insurance Wallet: Pouch

We often get asked about our online insurance wallet - Pouch. One of the things we most proud of because of its ability to serve you well: a one-stop-shop for all your insurance products. Using our Pouch, you can store all your insurance products in one place, see all your insurance transactions from previous purchases or searches and even set reminders for key events or policy renewals. All this and more in this episode. Enjoy!

Ep3: We don't sell insurance. We connect it.

We pride ourselves in not selling insurance. We actually prefer connecting it. We know you're wondering why, so that's why we unpack it for you in this episode of What The Fuss?


Ep4: Claims Reviews

We care about reviews, a lot. That's why we talk about them so often. In today's What The Fuss? we explain why we think the most important reviews aren't ones about buying. We believe insurance reviews for claims should carry more weight - after all, who rates something they haven't bought?

As always, enjoy the chat.

Ep5: Trust

Let's talk about it: Trust in insurance. Is the term abused? And why do people feel like they don't trust insurance. More importantly, will we ever get to a place where we can confidently say: "trust has been restored"?

Find out in our latest episode of What The Fuss?

Ep6: Slip Up Reviews

We all know that mistakes happen, especially in insurance. The question is: what happens then? Our review system is designed as a resolution mechanism, not just a feedback tool. Put our slip up reviews to the test and see how they work for you!