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Gain more insight, empower your buyers, generate value.

You focus on creating the quotes, we'll do reviews.

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Custom-built for insurance

Connect reviews and distribution in ways you can't right now. It's that simple.

It's free to join, really. Then you pay what you want to advertise your products more.

We know the places you meet buyers are expensive, unhelpful and often - try and snatch buyers back from you.

We've built something different. You can join for free and still get free tools.

Every provider gets a page - complete with new ways to invite reviews

We have made a unique page for every provider that signs up. Not only do your products get listed in our buyer search, you also get a page all to yourself.

You can link to the page, because it also hosts an all-new reviews tool for your buyers to engage more positively with your services.

All free.

We attribute buyers to providers. Find out how we can help you boost your lead generation efforts.

Providers can bid to be most visible on any one of 770+ insurance product varieties we have available on our search.

Customise a listing card for every single product.

Unlike big search, we don't use any secret algorithms to rank results. Every Provider registered on our platform gets served in our directory's searches at random.

Complimenting this, for those who'd like to pitch for the Top Spots (the results customers see first) is an entire new auction model. List for everything, bid to be most visible in whichever keyword markets you'd like. Simple.

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We're changing the distribution game for the better.


Pay What You Want

  • Reviews platform just for insurance
  • Provider Page with unique URL
  • Unlimited Product Listings
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Boosted Listing Ad Auction - Unlocked
  • 25% Fee on top of Advertising Bids
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  • Reviews platform just for insurance
  • Provider Page with unique URL
  • Unlimited Product Listings
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • £180 rolling ad credits/month
  • Boosted Listing Ad Auction - Unlocked
  • No Fees on top of Advertising Bids
  • Smart Proposal Form | NEW!!
  • 20% Annual Payment Discount
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Use our stack?

  • Bulk License Purchases
  • Insurer and MGA Broker search tools
  • Smart Proposal Forms
  • Quotes and Checkouts
  • Admin stack
  • Smart Texts and Postal integrations
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Marketplace - a new way to meet insurance buyers

Marketing budget savings are here

It's time insurance distribution had terms of business that work for both Providers and Buyers. Worry+Peace is a simple step towards that future. Whether you're an innovator, too, or a traditional expert - there's a place for every kind of insurance Provider.

Do you want to put Buyers first, save money on your marketing costs? Would the chance to earn more opportunity by being part of a vibrant community of Providers appeal to you? Apply now for your exclusive access to the Marketplace. Fair competition to help people anywhere buy insurance better

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Have you featured in an Unmanaged Listing?

We have two types of listings on our search results: Managed and Unmanaged Listings.

It takes time to engage and demo to the entire insurance market. So, we decided - why wait? Let's get going. Buyers want choice and we are in this for them. We've created Unmanaged Listings to do just that. To ensure we can answer every question asked.

If you've featured in an Unmanaged Listing, you've got free clicks and free links - plus free exposure. Why not grab a demo and find out what managing your listings means?

Managed Listings always appear above Unmanaged Listings. Otherwise - all results are randomised. We never rank you - that's going to be up to buyers.

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Custom-built for insurance providers

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