Why bother reviewing an insurance provider?

You're wondering what's in it for you...

Worry+Peace is a reviews-led marketplace, we're connecting buyers and providers of insurance. We like to offer a different perspective.

When it comes to spending your finite time leaving a review for companies who sell one of the few products you're unlikely to be excited about buying... you are absolutely entitled to ask the question:

Why should I leave a review when all the provider wants to do is sell me something?

So, we’ve put together a few important reasons why using our reviews isn’t a matter of kindness - it’s a matter of self-interest.

⭐️ 4.33 Is meaningless but...

We get it. You aren’t a number in an average - so why be one? What did star ratings even mean?! As long as it wasn’t bad, you likely didn’t have the heart to click through to read a red-coloured one star TL:DR rant.

Our reviews aren’t like that. You get to be far more surgical with your feedback. Rating, process, product - there is no average. Just a medals table that's easy to digest. This level of detailed fast review isn’t going to make you part of a 4.33.

💷 Time was money

No buyer looks at just one choice. Even if you’re using comparison sites for car insurance - you’ll shop around. That's time invested regardless - sunk cost. Most of the time you spend will be wasted on providers you don't end up choosing. We let you review everyone, all at once.

You spent time looking and considering - and you’re not going to take a tinier moment to have your say?

🛠 Easy fixes

There’s reasons we don’t buy - and they aren't always clear cut. Whilst price is a huge factor - there’s often something that irks or puts buyers off providers. Sharing it means the provider might get a chance fix it.

Better competition is good for you when you have to choose next time. Do you want poor choice or good choice?

🎁Incentive Signals

“They bothered to leave a constructive review, so...”

Maybe the flames of loyalty didn’t kindle this time - but you saw potential for next time "if". Or, you'd called your chosen provider to change something and then took the time to share your experience.

Providers have limited resources - but they’re much more likely to reward people who help them understand what works or doesn't.

What if by showing you’re willing to engage, a provider offered you greater incentive next time?

🧘 Karma Consumer

If you post powerful reviews for all the providers you can - others will too. Give and you shall receive.

If no one left reviews - you wouldn't have a clue who you could ultimately trust when buying a product you may not technically even get to “use”.

Don’t bother, and it’s you who will lose out when others don’t bother either.

You wouldn’t keep your lips sealed if someone was about to trip on the same obstacle you did, would you?

We don't sell insurance, we independently power a platform that connects buyers and providers. If we do this together, everyone wins. You, mostly.

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