Unmanaged Listings - Explained

🤖 How we select Providers to list

Worry+Peace is a smart place to find insurance. We know the insurance market inside out, so we've custom built our platform to suit you, and it.

Listings on Worry+Peace can be created by Providers to manage themselves. We also crawl the insurance internet and add verified FCA-authorised providers who we've yet to onboard.

We call them:

🤖 Unmanaged Listings.

Unmanaged Listings are just that. They are listings we have decided to add to our directory.

Every Provider has the choice as to whether they manage their own listings and, don't worry, it's free for them, as standard. We've built a nifty software for them.

By creating unmanaged listings, we can connect you to choices you might not see on Big Search engines or Comparison sites. Both of whom have different barriers for maximising your choices. One ranks providers with secret algorithm (and most insurance searches now result in a comparison site... yawn.) The other requires a provider be able to live-price - which cuts out any plucky small insurance provider or those not willing to pay high fees to the Comparison site.

So we decided: There's a better way.

How do we select who to add as Unmanaged Listings?

We have a few criteria we use to select those who we add to Unmanaged Listings. Providers may exhibit one or more of the following considerations:

  • Brand Reputation - buyers will know a little about them already
  • Industry Reputation - they've been recommended to us or known to us
  • Awards and Award Nominations from the sector
  • Positive User Experience
  • Creative or Innovative Mindset

What we don't do, is list them based on suitability. We don't make or infer any recommendation by listing them - we just want to give you a fairer choice. We guarantee this by NOT ranking providers in results - instead, we randomise results.

Think about it: If we're insurance experts and choose not to rank providers - how can that Big Search really be giving you the best results when it doesn't know insurance. We know we're creating the best place to discover insurance choice - and then managed it afterwards with our free wallet.

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