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Marketplace - a new way to meet insurance buyers

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Worry+Peace is a platform that connects insurance Customers with insurance Providers. Be they Personal Lines buyers or Commercial buyers or SMEs, even enterprise.

Customers simply search for their needs and your Provider "card" appears for the searches you want. For Customers, we do so much more - we're the start and end of the buying journey, if they use our full suite of tools, the product is managed on Worry+Peace alongside any others they buy around the insurance web.

What is Worry+Peace's Marketplace?

It's time insurance distribution had terms of business that work for both Providers and Customers. Worry+Peace is a simple step towards that future. Whether you're an innovator, too, or a traditional expert - there's a place for every kind of insurance Provider.

Do you want to put Customers first, save money on your marketing costs? Would the chance to earn more opportunity by being part of a vibrant community of Providers appeal to you? Apply now for your exclusive access to the Marketplace. Fair competition to help people anywhere buy insurance better

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Your route to a better lead generation strategy

Providers will be able to engage with Customers and be part of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem. Everyone wins.

Smart search directory customised for buyers

We noticed that there wasn't one perfect place custom-built for insurance buyers to find "everything insurance". So we built it.

It starts with a simple search bar, it's what happens under the hood that's pretty smart.

Get creative in your unlimited listings

Providers can bid to be most visible on any one of 750+ insurance product varieties we have available for them to list under.

Customise your product's results card for every single product.

Unlike big search, we don't use any secret algorithms to rank results. Every Provider registered on our platform gets served in our directory's searches at random.

Complimenting this, for those who'd like to pitch for the Top Spots (the results customers see first) is an entire new auction model. List for everything, bid to be most visible in whichever keyword markets you'd like. Simple.

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Providers can battle fairly over the Top Spots

We believe Providers, and therefore Insurance Buyers, have been paying too much. Digital channels are now some of the most expensive ways to meet customers. Costs Per Click aren't getting any cheaper and who knows how the auctions work?

As part of our subscription, a £100-a-month auction credit is included. If it isn't used, it rolls on. It never expores.

Plus, bigger news: our auctions aren't offered on a cost per click basis. They're a Residency bid - for unlimited clicks.

They're also totally transparent - so every participant in a given keyword market auction sees who else is bidding and how much.

Plus, if you don't get the results because the results pages don't get enough visitors - we'll automatically refund your bids to your account.

Early Bird offer: 15mths for the price of 12!

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No Obligation

  • x1 Free Listing
  • Unlimited Search Result Listings
  • Profile and Content tools
  • Unlimited User accounts
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£Pay what you want

  • Unlimited Search Result Listings
  • Unlimited Directory Listings
  • Top Spot Auction Tools
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Profile and Content Tools
  • 25% Auction Fee applies
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  • Early Bird Offer! 15 months for the price of 12
  • Unlimited Directory Listings
  • Top Spot Auction Tools
  • £100 auction credits per month
  • Rollover bid credits
  • Unlimited User Accounts
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Clear, fair - and totally awesome!

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Breaking Binary: distribution fit for the 21st-century

Don't get hung up on past models of distribution, look to the future + dream big. Providers together for Total Customer Convenience

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Free Basic Profile, always

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Customisable Smart Props + Fact Finds

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