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We're the reviews-led marketplace for insurance or financial services. Let's take the worry out of buying from a provider. So you always have complete peace of mind.


🙈 Goodbye Blind Buying

Star ratings are everywhere, we know that, but they don’t tell the whole story.

That’s why we split reviews into Buying, Support and Claims with results broken down into a handy medals table.

Giving you a clearer picture of provider performance where it matters most.

Reviews Explained ⟶

❤️ Sharing Is Caring

You never look at just one provider when you buy insurance, so why review just the one you choose?

We let you review multiple insurers seamlessly, even the unsuccessful ones, so you can let other buyers know why they didn’t make the cut

Medals v Stars ⟶

✊ If It’s Broke, Help Fix It

There’s plenty of reasons not to stick with an insurer other than just price. You might receive poor customer service or maybe the claims process sucked.

Sharing your opinion gives providers a chance to fix things, making insurance better for everyone.

Creating Better Insurance ⟶

😇 Telling, Not Selling

We’re different to, say, the comparison sites because we don’t sell insurance and we don’t receive any commission either.

Our platform connects buyers with providers, and we believe our role should be sales-neutral so you get the most impartial help.

How We Make Money ⟶

⛩️ Your Insurance start-point

We’ve collated hundreds of insurance products from hundreds providers so you can review, find and buy insurance all in one place. Insurance doesn’t have to be a chore, that’s why we’ve made it easy.

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📮Stop the sludge

Hands up if you’ve been bombarded with emails from insurance providers and price comparison sites.

Yep, we all have. That’s why we created Mailbox, so you can manage all your insurance emails without cluttering your inbox.

Discover Mailbox ⟶

🗂️ All Your Documents, All In One Place

It’s time to make a claim but where did you put your policy documents?

It happens to the best of us. With Pouch, all your policy documents are stored securely, in one place, so there’s no more riffling through emails or cupboards.

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