We're building a destination for insurance, the place both buyers and providers can trust.

We provide tools for buyers to find, organise and review providers they engage with.

The Insurance marketplace where you meet providers on your terms

You browse, you choose, and you review. So, we made you a tool for each.

We're building the biggest array of insurance choice available online. Curated search.

Our search results are not crawled by algorithms, they are managed by the providers themselves, or our added by our curation team.

A mailbox address to shop around incognito then manage it all in a free insurance wallet.

Insurance choice is huge. All those comparison sites, direct insurers and brands emailing you! No more. Collect it all in your wallet pouches using our smart new email address.

It's simple to remember and a first for UK insurance shoppers.


We've made Reviewing insurance easier, clearer and just better than ever. Really.

We don't do stars, we use medals, we also let you review by product and by what experience you had with providers.

It'll take you seconds to glance at a reviews table of a provider and see what you need to see.

How are search results created?

We offer you results which feature Managed and Unmanaged listings.

Managed listings are controlled and created by the provider features. Unmanaged listings are created by our curation team, both manually and automatically from choices we find around the internet.

Managed listings always appear above Unmanaged listings.

We never make any money from what you buy - and no recommendation, advice or other purchase guidance is offered to you with our results.

We don't rank websites with any secret algorithms (like some Big Search engines) - which is important. Everything is randomised as standard, so you know we're not hiding anything. Soon, you'll have detailed preference choices to filter results. You're in charge.

Our top positions can feature boosted listings - see below "How We Make Money" to check if you think our model is fair, ethical and better than other ways you find insurance out there.

(Hint: It is.)

How do we make money?

We consider our role in connecting insurance buyers with providers to be sales-neutral.

We don't ever, ever, ever, take a cut of anything you, quote or buy through our free search. We don't charge a commission, a sales fee, even a lead fee to the providers you meet. Nothing for your transactions.

Our main revenue stream is earned by allowing providers to boost a listing's visibility for the Top Spots on our searches. Search results are randomised as standard - so we don't secretly rank websites without telling you how. The visibility auction lets a provider's listing stick around.

We operate a "pay what they want" auction model for providers. That means we don't even set the price for the boosted positions on our search results.

Providers can then either join for free or become members. We show members higher as standard, and that's it. Both types of provider can use our visibility tools - free providers pay an extra fee when they want to use our auction tools.

Our goal is to connect you to insurance and reduce the cost brands face in doing so. Brands can then focus on keeping their prices low and their benefits to you high!