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The place where insurance buyers meet providers. Buy insurance better.

We're in the process of onboarding over 260 products, offered by one provider or more!

Shop where you want across the insurance internet, as long as you use your smart mail address, every quote, email and document can be synced to Worry+Peace in a pouch.

Providers are easy to find and don't have to pay through the teeth for your clicks! So, now you know your premium isn't being spent on silly marketing budgets, you can shop for the most suitable cover.

Grab a smart email for your insurance shopping! E.g. - free yourself from the hasslers.

Insurance choice is huge. All those comparison sites, direct insurers and brands emailing you! No more. Collect it all in your Pouch using our smart new email address.

It's simple to remember and a first for UK insurance shoppers.

Coming soon to all Pouch users, free of course.

We're an insurance wallet - add documents and products to a digital pouch, no matter where they are from

We want to give you total "Choice Convenience". So, if you shop for insurance elsewhere, you can still use a pouch to store and manage your insurance.

Why? Well, it's just helpful...

You may never forget anything again. Free Reminders with every account.

We've added reminders to your Pouch, so you can tell our bots to send you a Nudge when an important event is about to happen.

Whether it's your MOT, Tax Return, or something related to an insurance product or special occasion - we've pre-loaded tons of useful ideas already. Enjoy.

We're protecting your data

We offer you so-called two-factor authentication to secure your account. We also make sure your password is beefed-up and strong enough to dodge the baddies. We've secured our platform in every way we can to keep you browsing as safely as we can.

We're also an FCA authorised intermediary with some specialist own-branded products

We're aurthorised by the FCA and, as well as bringing you amazing tools to manage your insurance journey, we also offer our own self-service products and concierge-services for certain lines.

Find what you want on Worry+Peace, so long as it fits your needs, we're happy.

Looking for a Product or Provider?

Visit the Provider's product and find something suitable

Get a quote or shop with a Provider, anyone, and use our Smart Email. The correspondence will be waiting in your inbox, away from your personal account. Choose without being hassled...

Sync and then manage your purchases and quotes

With our Smart Mail you can sync quotes and purchases to their very own product pouch. It's easy as pie.

How do we make money?

We consider our role in connecting insurance buyers with providers to be sales-neutral.

We don't ever, ever, ever, take a cut of anything you, quote or buy through our free search. We don't charge a commission, a sales fee, even a lead fee to the providers you meet. Nothing for your transactions.

Our main revenue stream is earned by allowing providers to boost a listing's visibility for the Top Spots on our searches. Search results are randomised as standard - so we don't secretly rank websites without telling you how. The visibility auction lets a provider's listing stick around.

We operate a "pay what they want" auction model for providers. That means we don't even set the price for the boosted positions on our search results.

Providers can then either join for free or become members. We show members higher as standard, and that's it. Both types of provider can use our visibility tools - free providers pay an extra fee when they want to use our auction tools.

Our goal is to connect you to insurance and reduce the cost brands face in doing so. Brands can then focus on keeping their prices low and their benefits to you high!

We're in BETA

Beta is scheduled to finish on 1st July 2019

You can use all of our tools as intended in the meantime, our all-new system is being carefully tested before we go out there and shout about its benefits.

Help us make things better by emailing or tweeting over any feedback. We're doing this for you.