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Worry+Peace awards - announcement

a personal message from our Founder, James York

Recognition is always welcome, isn’t it? I was recently nominated for an industry award - I shared it because real people had to vote! It was an odd thing, in some ways. Let's just say it got me thinking. If I could make awards from scratch - what would I do?

What I've always thought sucked about awards is the journey. You never know who's winning the race. It's not transparent, it's no fun and the losers rarely get the feedback they need to win next time. Sometimes you self-nominate, other times you don't. How fair are they? Are they just a way to sell tables and make a profit? Shrug. I guess I don't need to think about that anymore.

Why? Because we’ve decided to release our own awards - and change the sector's awards game, forever. A genie is about to be released from a bottle. You read that correctly! Awards - voted for by members of the public just by leaving a review.

If you're a buyer reading this - here's where the game changes for you. As you can see - we're focused on making sure insurance providers know what's about to be unleashed. You can play your part, too - by being ready to leave your review and vote all in one. We've lined up some nice incentives for you, too.

This is all for you, to help you buy insurance better.

Providers: What makes Worry+Peace Awards different?

The headlines are simple - it's real-time, transparent, much more fun and not a once per year flash in the pan. Our awards are seasonal. Award Leagues will run through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Providers have more chances to win with four seasons to play for!

As you know, we’re putting reviews and experience at the core of what our platform is all about - and we want to structure them in a way that offers recognition to consistency over the year. Our awards will be different.

The usual benefits of an award apply - it's a good PR opportunity; it helps with inspiring more buyers to shop should you win - and there's a chance for healthy sector competitive camaraderie. Yet, we've done more than that. Because of the seasonal nature of our awards, we'll be able to do some cool things.

Votes in our awards come from reviews. We've cooked up a super-secret algorithm to boil down reviews for Buying, Support, Claims and even Quotes into a score. Scores will be either positive numbers or 0.

A giant medals table will - in real-time - throughout each season, show the total medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze columns (remember these will include Buying, Support, Claims and even Quote reviews!). The last column will show our score. I can't tell you how we work it out - but I can tell you the scoring algorithm is heavily weighted towards "using" the product or service. Say no more.

There's more, though! Play-Offs! Oh, we love this. It's so hyper social, it hurts my smiling face.

Every week, we'll also be running Play-Offs. Fixtures between two providers who've entered the awards. We'll pick two providers and they'll have a match to see who scores the most that week. The one who gets the most points in that week - wins! An added incentive to get those sleeves rolled up and competing! Play-Off fixtures could be drawn at random, with insurance sector colleagues picking the fixtures. You thought the FA Cup draw was fun! Sportsman's bet, anyone?

How to enter

Firstly, both managed and unmanaged providers will be entered. (Think about how good that is for buyers.) They’re also, uniquely, rolling throughout the year - one season follows the other straight away. Once a Provider has 20 reviews on their Worry+Peace page, they'll be automatically entered.

Only 3 Awards - less is more!

Our first Awards Season begins this Winter! Awards up for grabs include the Personal Insurance Award, Business Insurance Award and the Wholesale Insurance Award. Three big ones! That means a niche provider could beat a giant. It also means MGAs can win - with brokers doing the voting! Think your agency is the best... prove it.

We will be offering commendations by class of business and Playoffs, too - but the big prizes have it all to play for. Providers and Buyers want things simple. It doesn’t get much simpler than three awards - four times a year.

Awards that are BAU

This is very much BAU for Providers and Buyers. If you’re using feedback and reviews daily, you’ll love the extra benefit of our awards. Because reviews are votes! And the score is the ultimate benchmark.

It’s that simple.

What's the Prize?

Besides that recognition they deserve - they’ll win a custom-made physical award, digital graphics to showcase their award that they can use anywhere. They’ll also get a bumper pack of Worry+Peace credits to spend as you see fit or stockpile. They’ll also get a swag bag with bubbles, and other offers from selected partners.

So, here they come! The Worry+Peace Awards. Free. Easy to enter. Fun. Transparent. Generally - just much better for buyers. Regular and seasonal. Automatic. Prizes to win. Of course - Terms and conditions will apply.

For your chance to win, setup a Worry+Peace page in our Become a Provider page - or simply direct buyers to leave a review for you on your existing Worry+Peace page.

If you would like to enquire more - drop our team a line.

In summary:

  • Four Award Seasons per year, free to enter
  • Personal Insurance, Business Insurance, Wholesale Insurance awards, that's it
  • 20 reviews automatically enters both managed and unmanaged providers
  • Giant Medals Table with a total score shows ranks in REAL-TIME
  • Weekly Playoff fixtures see two providers match-up - even if they do different things
  • BAU, just ask buyers for feedback and you'll be playing to win!

Do you know the best thing, though? Buyers will be the winner - and that's more than enough, for me.