Worry+Peace Wholesale Programme

An entirely new and easy way to work together

Firstly, this programme is for B2B direct insurers, insurance brokers, Appointed representatives and MGAs only.

If that works for you, read on.

Don't worry, this concept is about bringing experts together - working with people that share the same values as us. Offering expertise across every single possible insurance need a consumer might have. And doing it together - for everyone's convenience.

Why Become a wholesale partner?

Why not? (Is probably what you'll be thinking shortly..)

We provide the platform, you bring the products

You get the profiles and tools we use for our own products. And it's all built on a system your software or website and quote engine providers can integrate with. Maximising your binders and schemes - whilst powering your offline, prior submit or e-trading business.

Joining our new wholesale programme is also incredibly affordable. In fact, you only need to invest a one-off fee, which is blow-your-socks-off competitive. There's no ongoing overrides on premium, and we'll work with you to ensure maximum value from customer engagements.

The ball is in your court

That's right. Not only do we offer you amazingly good terms to join the programme, we don't ask anything else of you. If you want to service a particular class of niche or specialist insurance, we'd be honoured to introduce you to customers.

You don't have to service those leads, we can handle them and work with another partner. You can turn on and off you connection to the community. You're in control.

Wholesale as it should be

Wholesale is a viable and valuable system for servicing customers. Great service always finds a solution for customers - our goal is to give them solutions and convenience. We want you to be our partner, to collaborate with us.

Refreshingly regular

We're not hear to snatch renewals away from you, or charge you extortionate fees for bringing you leads. No. We know how much money our industry wastes just "getting in front" of customers.

That money is better off in our customer's pockets. We can be more competitive by serving and fulfilling specialist needs together.

For that, you need to be able to rely on your partner - not fear them.

3 more reasons

A trio of no-brainers

Have your eye on a particular class of business?

We want to bring specialists on board in stages. By staging one broker partner per product type, we learn more. We also offer the early adopters better returns for their faith in joining our wholesale model!

We can help you, too

We all want to offer as many products to help customers as we can. Sometimes, though, it doesn't hurt to wholesale to specialists. We're willing to work with you on the areas we know you'll knock it out of the park. Quid pro quo?

If we can help service those smaller scheme risks, or even our specialties, alongside you, we both get to work with the customer and the customer gets what they need. That's our goal. Everyone wins.

How much per click?

Our sector is paying millions upon millions to be discovered. Once a customer has found us, it's in the interests of that platform to keep them moving on. That's putting pressure on the very foundation of the insurance business model, and focusing customers on just one aspect of our profession and service.

It doesn't have to be that way.

We'll connect you. And we'll keep you connected. Together, we'll break the stranglehold certain sites have over your distribution prospects. Plus, if you couldn't afford to market digitally on your own, joining us makes for better odds, right?

Join Worry+Peace wholesale, now!

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