Big Day Wedding insurance - FAQS

Welcome to our Wedding insurance FAQs. If you're on a mobile phone, this is one long, everlasting, and hopefully alphabetical page - it's probably a tad easier to navigate on a larger screen! If you can't find an answer, hop on the live chat and request it...

Do I need wedding insurance?

This depends on whether you feel you can afford to pay again if issues arise and you get let down or bad luck strikes.

Overseas Weddings: Are they covered?

Yes. Overseas weddings do though face some differences in cover.

Added Cover:


This is only available to overseas wedding customers.

Reduced/Restricted Cover:

Your cover is restricted on the following sections....


(Only applicable to Weddings in United Kingdom)


(Only applicable to Weddings in United Kingdom)


(Only applicable to Weddings in United Kingdom)


(Only applicable to Weddings in United Kingdom)

What about things I pay for on credit card?

Wedding Insurance provides financial protection in case things don’t go to plan on your big day.

Remember, paying with things on a credit card also helps, as if you have paid with a credit card for anything costing between £100 and £30,000, you should be able to get your money back from your credit card provider, using section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

This technically covers for breach of contract - but the card providers are not obliged to chase suppliers of you. If you have home insurance, your home insurance policy might have some provision for weddings, or possibly allow you to extend cover for a wedding.

If so, you may wish to check what is covered before you take up the stand-alone wedding insurance cover we have arranged.

How far in the future can you insure my wedding?

We currently are able to insure weddings up to the 31st July 2019. However, this date gets extended annually and we can sometimes put in manual extensions under special circumstances.

What do I need to make a claim?

If you wish to make a claim please contact Ryan Direct Group as soon as possible.


Post: Ryan Direct Group Wedding Services

PO Box 1188 Doncaster DN1 9PQ

Tel: 0044 344 412 4296

Reference Number: 04282E

When contacting Direct Group Travel Services to request a claim form please state that your insurance is provided by UK General Insurance Ltd and quote reference number 04282E and state under which Section(s) a claim is being made.

This will ensure they send you the correct claim form(s).


Claim Page

Can a non-resident of the UK buy this product?

No. Sorry - we can only offer this product to you if you are permanently resident in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Are the unnamed items "New for Old" cover?

No. Cover does not apply on a new for old basis. Deductions will be made by the insurer where wear and tear has occurred.

Who is the underwriter?

Great Lakes Insurance SE is a German insurance company with its headquarters at Königinstrasse 107, 80802 Munich. UK Branch office: Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3AJ.

Great Lakes Insurance SE, UK Branch, is authorised by Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Firm Reference No. 769884. Details about the extent of their regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority are available on request.

What levels of cover can I buy?

The level of cover will depend on the size, type and cost of your wedding and reception. If you consider each separate cost associated with your wedding, this should help you determine the level of cover you need.

Can I add other optional extras?

Yes, there's three extra covers you can choose for this product - marquee cover, ceremonial swords cover and public liability insurance.

How long before the big day can I get my insurance?

As soon as you begin to invest and pay deposits, you should consider buying insurance. This product will cover anything up to X years before your big day, as standard.

Who can buy this Wedding Insurance?

Either bride, groom, or the civil partners, and one or both parents (insurance is usually for the person settling the deposits.) A policyholder must be over 18 years of age.

Only one of us is resident in the UK, is that OK?

Yes. So long as one member of the couple is a permanent resident of the UK, this product is still suitable.

If I’ve already arranged services or paid deposits, will they be covered when I take out my policy?

Yes, anything already booked or paid for will be covered from the purchase date of the policy. Please make sure you have written contracts with all suppliers.

Can I pay monthly?

We offer very competitive one-off prices, so we do not offer monthly premiums at this time.

Can I cancel this product?

Once you’ve taken up the product, you have 14-days to “return” the product, you may also cancel the product at any time following this, but you will not be entitled to a refund after that time.

My partner is in the army - will we be covered if their leave is cancelled?

You will be covered if your partner is unexpectedly posted overseas, provided that this was unforeseen at the time of taking out the policy.

What happens if i'm made redundant?

Good news, you're covered for redundancy where notice is received at least 8 weeks after the issue of the Certificate and qualifying for payment under the current Redundancy legislation, of the bride or Civil Partner or groom or Civil Partner or any of their parents who would have made proven, significant financial contributions on which the Wedding Ceremony or Wedding arrangements depend.

Will the couple be covered if one or both of them decides not to get married?

No, technically, this would likely be classed as your willful "disinclination to marry" and isn't going to be covered under the wedding insurance policy.

Are civil partnerships covered?

Yes, Big Day Wedding Insurance is designed to covers both weddings and civil partnership ceremonies.

Our wedding ceremony and reception are on different dates. Can I have full cover for both?

Absolutely. During the purchase and quote process, you'll have the chance to tell us when and where you're holding the ceremony, as well as the reception's date and venue.

Will this product cover Terrorism?

No, you would require a specialist policy to cover this - our team may be able to arrange this separately. Hop on live chat to request!