Hole in 1 - Golf Insurance FAQs

By Worry+Peace

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Is this cover 'New for Old'?

This policy has no deduction for wear and tear. Here is the small print...

“We will at Our option, replace, or pay the cost of replacing the item of Golfing Equipment, with a similar article of like kind, functionality, and quality”.

How do I know if I need golf insurance?

We know there’s ambiguity - but if you’re investing hundreds, often thousands of pounds to play a sport with genuine examples of risk and negative outcomes - for £21.32 a year, why would you risk it?

Have you ever been playing golf and heard someone scream “Fore!”. Whilst there are only rare examples of legal cases for golfers being sued - they are very worrying http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2057715/Golfer-lost-eye-hit-ball-wins-400-000-damages.html Mr Phee’s case points to the very real risk that something could go wrong.

People can and do frequently get hit by golf balls. On and beside the course. There’s two risks - firstly, the person hitting it might be liable and secondly that you might get struck and injured badly.

We say might - because those on the course (depending on each course’s terms) typically play at their own risk. Like you might argue a football fan sits behind a goal at a match knowing the risk of a shot hitting them.

That’s not the issue. Defending a legal claim can be incredibly expensive. Legal precedent can also be reset at any time - so what happens if you’re incident is the odd one out or ends up costing a lot more. You’ll have to foot the bill.

Equally, getting hit by a freak shot in the wrong part of your head can be very, very dangerous indeed. Since you’re not wearing a helmet for your iron-play and have no idea hole-by-hole as to the quality of your peers’ stroke play around you, it’s possible you could face these risks regularly during each 4-hour round. The personal accident section of this product covers the worst case scenarios - you may also wish to consider a separate Personal Accident insurance or Health cover for medical injuries that knock you off your feet for a while. This product covers the worst varieties - again, that’s why it’s very competitive.

Then, of course, there’s the chance you fluke or plan an ingenious hole in one! That alone probably warrants a think over cover.

Do I already have cover?

Firstly, check your home contents insurance. Some policies include this cover as an extension, or as standard. Buying a separate product isn’t a bad idea, as it keeps different risks covered by specialist underwriters. Ultimately, you have to decide what’s best for you and balance price versus cover. Always read your insurance terms carefully.

Are Worry+Peace authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority?

We certainly are! Worry+Peace is a trading name of Innovative Risk Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our FCA Number is 609155. Worry+Peace is also a Member of the British Insurance Brokers' Association

What happens if I lend my clubs to someone, are they covered?

No, there’s only cover if the equipment is being used by you - if you’d like us to add this feature or let you “buy back” this exclusion, we’d be open to presenting it to our insurer.

I hear there’s terms about my car?

That’s right - the insurer asks that your car has a valid MOT and up to date tax to enable coverages relevant to equipment stored in it.

What happens if I am travelling and customs seize my clubs?

This product is unable to provide cover for such eventualities - there’s typically a decent reason officials seize kit and such consequential losses are not under the scope of this product. No, you can still insure your bike with us! As long as the bike is secured, using a lock specified in the wording and to an immovable object this is fine.

I hear professionals aren’t covered?

This product is not intended for professionals - for clarity, a professional is someone who derives 50% or more of their income from playing, teaching, coaching or employed by a club as their resident professional.

What happens if I have an accident not playing golf?

If you suffer injury or illness that leaves you totally disabled from playing golf anywhere in your day to day life, this product contains cover for your membership fees.

How do I claim on hole in one?

Easy. You simply have to get your shot validated by the Club Secretary at the course you played. All costs incurred must also only be from the day you played the shot. You must also be on a recognised course - although this is not defined in the terms by the insurer.

Are there any special conditions regarding golf travel outside and inside the UK?

If you’re travelling abroad and taking your golf equipment overseas - you must be on the same flight as the kit you’ve insured. Domestic air travel within the UK is also restricted to 7-day trips - which should be plenty of time.

Where should I keep my clubs?

This product recognises that thieves like things they can sell quickly and easily. That’s why cover is only provided when clubs are kept in a brick, tile or multi-layered roofed building. This makes them tougher to steal and keeps your price lower.

Does this product cover scratches and other blemishes to my clubs and kit?

The accidental damage section is design to cover you if your equipment is damaged to the extent it impairs performance. A scratch doesn’t typical account for major game issues - again, this kind of coverage would increase prices, so we keep it simple.

Does this Golf Insurance cover golf equipment if it’s stolen from the clubhouse or from a car in the car park?

Certainly, cover is included for golf equipment stolen from the Clubhouse or from the locked boot of your car at the Golf Club, but security conditions will be outlined in your product’s terms and conditions - please check them carefully.

Who is eligible for this product, do I have to have a handicap or club membership?

Simple and clear eligibility criteria does apply - you’ll see them in the checkout process. You don’t have to be a member of a club, nor have a handicap. All amateur players are welcome.

Can I add anyone else from my family to this product?

Not yet, this product is for solo golfers only right now.

If I buy online, how quickly is my policy created?

Straight away - we don’t delay. It will commence at the start date you’ve chosen, but you’ll be able to login to our cloud tool, Pouch, at any time to review the documents before you’re on cover. There’s a raft of tools you can use to speak to us, too.

Will I be covered for equipment and clubs which I hire?

Unfortunately, no hire clubs will be covered for loss or theft. However, whilst playing your Liability, Hole in 1 and Medical cover will remain in force.