Managed live chat is key to maximising your website value

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Many people when starting a new business, feel a fancy, all bells and whistles website is the way to go to attract customers and close those sales. They’d be right, but it’s more than just the website they need to invest in.

After spending money on web design, digital marketing, graphic design, copy writers, content marketing, SEO and paid ads, many businesses often find they are not getting the return from their website that they were hoping for.

We like to use an analogy here to show how many businesses often miss one key ingredient that can have a huge impact on the results they get from their website.

Think of your website as a high street store

Imagine you did the same with a bricks and mortar retail store. You have a prime location, you have refurbished the shop to a high standard, dressed and stocked the shop beautifully, done all the advertising and have customers primed and ready to go.

Then when the doors open, there are no staff to help customers and generate sales.

Nobody would do this! However, this is exactly what businesses are doing when they have paid for a beautiful website and invested in drawing in lots of visitors, only to have no one available to answer questions or provide customer support online.

This is where a managed live chat, like that offered by Melu, would help.

How Melu can help your business online?

When visitors come to your website, Melu’s Live Chat operators will engage with them, ensuring they know there is someone available to answer their questions and find out if your business offers the insurance services they require.

Having live chat is proven to convert more visitors into leads than leaving them to their own devices, even with a clear ‘contact us’ or ‘FAQ’ page. Managing live chat yourself isn’t easy, or cheap – so let Melu do it for you!

We all know that people buy from people, so what better service to offer than a live chat with a real human for everyone who visits your website?

Speak to our team and start your live chat journey now