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Optimum Speciality Risks:

In this episode, we're joined by Innovation Director at Optimum Speciality Risks (OSR), Freddy Knight, who unpacks their strategy in helping brokers equip their clients to mitigate their cyber risk.

Knight highlights the direct correlation between going into lockdown and the increase in cyber attacks -- providing key insights on how small businesses can be better prepared for the future of remote working.

For more on OSR and their offering, visit their page here.



Life insurance - but not as you know it. In this episode, we are joined by DeadHappy founder, Phil Zeidler who shares how his team is working to change perceptions around life insurance. DeadHappy is a brand that seeks to make life insurance, critical illness cover and preparing for the worst case scenario a lot more easy to understand, access and use.

For more on DeadHappy, visit their page here.

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