Re-imagine your insurance in 2021

A simple, efficient way of doing insurance

The last year has forced many of us to re-evaluate our entire way of life; how we interact with family, engage with education and naturally, manage our finances.

Re-imagining your insurance policies, products and cost should be central to your 2021 planning. After all, it is part of how you spend your hard earned money.

Like you, we understand the need to get the balance right between finding great cover while not trying to break the bank and we're determined to help you find the insurance providers that suit you best.

That is why we built Worry+Peace, as a new doorway into insurance.

What is this new doorway?

You may have heard the term: "grudge buy". It simply means something you have to buy, but don't necessarily want to obtain.

This term often pops up when talking about insurance. It has long been the thing we do because: we have or need to, instead of want.

It gets even more complicated because finding the right insurance cover often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack: the language is convoluted, you're not sure how the pricing works and the forms are endless.

This is where we come in

We think it is possible to simplify and make the "grudge buy" a pleasant experience. Whether you're looking for business, house, ring, or cycle insurance, it should and can be better.

Our "doorway" simply means you have to enter the website once and find the "room" that works best for you.

On our website, you can do all your insurance business and rarely have to leave.


We have over 400 insurance providers under one roof.

All you need to do is: decide on the kind of insurance you're looking for, type it into our search bar and chances are, we'll have some decent options for you to select from.

This eliminates the need to use search engines or multiple sites. We have consolidated it all in one place for you.


Our system isn't governed by algorithms like the comparison sites you may be used to. This means we don't get in the way of the transaction. You see the same products and providers that we see.

This is a big deal for insurance. It is also very rare.

Our objective isn't to sell you insurance, we simply connect you to it.

So, when you search and buy your insurance — it is all you!


We believe in reviews — proper ones! And star reviews are not it.

You may be used to seeing star reviews with an average (perhaps 4.2), but what does that really mean?

They don't tell the full story and quite frankly, might be a little lazy.

A proper review is one where you have the ability to provide feedback on your entire insurance journey, when: buying, searching, and very importantly, claiming.

Instead of simply slapping a few stars on a site and walking away, you have the opportunity to provide quality feedback and that can be read, taken seriously and acted on! This improves the experience for when you need it next, and is also helps others on their journey.


You, like many others, probably have multiple policies: ring, house, car and even pet insurance, all potentially from different insurers! It often gets complicated when trying to find one of your policy documents, information or trying to reach a provider during an emergency.

We have taken the stress out of this process and created a single online wallet — we call it pouch.

This is where you can store all your insurance policies in one place and use the free email address allocated to your wallet as the single direct point of contact between you and all your insurance providers.

The wallet also allows you to set reminders, which automatically alert you to communication from your providers or any upcoming policy renewals.

Essentially, you can do all your insurance business in the wallet.

Take the opportunity, early on in the year, as you plan and set financial goals, to re-imagine a simple but efficient way of doing insurance. All you need to do is get started.

Start searching, buying, reviewing and storing your insurance now.

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