🧙 How to leave an insurance review

We think our reviews are the most powerful insurance review online. Use your voice - it now has super powers.

Star rating review sites only tend to invite you to review someone you've just shopped with. That's weird to us - we know you didn't just consider one insurance provider.

So we made a reviews platform that let's you take up an invitation to review the provider you chose - but you can do so much more. Why not leave feedback for all the other providers you considered. Right there, no hassle - quick and easy.

You never know some of them may even reply and offer you some goodies! At the very least - if there was something specific, even if it's just price - you can let them know. If you consider them again in the future, at least you've said your piece.

Help other buyers by leaving a proper review. You're not a number in an average - you're a unique voice. Use it.