How Mailbox works

It's part of a powerful suite of kit

Worry+Peace is a reviews-led marketplace for insurance. We connect insurance, we don't sell it. Our mailbox is one of the tools we have to empower a better buyer experience. It lives inside our wallet, that's free to use.

Every wallet has features included as standard, they are:

🏅Reviews - medals and slip-ups

🗂️Pouch - for documents

📆Reminders - anything related

🔓Privacy + Profile tools

📮Mailbox - emails and quotes ✅

We're covering the mailbox today!

When you're shopping for insurance, you're not exactly going to be excited about receiving quote confirmations, reminders and charm offensive content. It's the sort of thing your current email address isn't geared to handle.

Plus, once you've chosen, the emails still keep coming.

Our mailbox is designed to help you screen when you're shopping around, but also to collate the products you have or need to engage with - often from more than one provider.

Mailbox's key features:

📧Email Address just for you

🛡️Screen all your insurance emails

🗂️Sync purchases to your pouch

💾Save copies of the emails in your pouch

👿Tag emails as spam or delete them

If you use our mailbox address with any provider when they ask for your email - you'll find it a really useful place to screen the industry's messages to you as they seek to try and help.

Oh, and don't forget to review them!

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