Insurance Referral Programme

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to work with us

Firstly, this programme is for B2B, business owners/operators being the referrers - rather than for consumers to introduce us to their friends. If that works for you, read on.

Don't worry, getting setup for insurance referral rewards won't take long. You just need to pick your programme and fill in the form below. In fact, it's so easy to work with us, we don't need to write much more. You've got three great options - each depends on your time, effort-levels and appetite for rewards.

Why Become a referrer?

Why not? (Is probably what you'll be thinking shortly..)

Opportunities and rewards.

Joining our referral programme is free. You won't be asked to pay, any creative or leaflets you request will also be free of charge. We're looking for more customers to help - that's our motive, it's nothing more than that.

The ball is in your court

That's right. Not only is it free to join our referral programme, we don't ask anything else of you. If you want to introduce a peer, customer business or supplier, we'd be honoured. But if you don't? That's your decision. Being any kind of referrer doesn't obligate you to refer any given number of leads to us.

Your reward, your call

It's your reward - if you would like to redeem it, great! Equally, you "could" pass it on to the person you referred to us. We'll send them some cash-back, or apply your referral reward as a discount.

Refreshingly regular

We like to reward commitment. That's why, if the customer you introduced to us buys another product, or renews an existing insurance subscription - we'll keep giving you a reward every year they stay! Quite the compound bonus, we're sure you'll agree - not your average affiliate model, this one.

3 Simple Options

All of them are pretty easy...terms apply, of course.

Can we help you first? OPPORTUNITIES!

We're not just looking to help with business insurance, and personal insurance, we want to help develop the businesses of those we work with. Join our Economy!

The easier way to refer us to people is via word of mouth and building a relationship. If we can help your business, maybe you'll give us a chance to help you and your team with insurance services.

Find out about Economy by Worry+Peace

Open the Door, skinny referrals MOST POPULAR!

This is called an Unregulated Introducer Agreement. It's skinnier than the full referral, for these reasons:

- You share our marketing and literature, passively introducing folks to us

- You can't share your customers' details, they have to "respond"

- You earn great rewards for the first year only

See the small print, here.

All-singing, All dancing referrer BIGGEST REWARDS!

This is called an Introducer Appointed Representative (it sounds worse than it is.)

- Earns you higher rewards

- Those rewards work year on year

- You can share your customer database directly with us (within the parameters and service levels you set, too!)

See the small print, here.

How will we help?

Anything you need, we've got or we'll make it especially.

All you need, from Day 1

We've got a great range of creatives, from postcards to multiple-leaflets. You can hand these out, put them at reception or in outbound mail, anything.

(We'll also track them, to ensure we know when you've helped out.)

Let's get digital, digital

Now you're talking. Digital creative, API linkups, forms, online imagery, social campaigns - we're listening!

We know recycled is what we try to print on, if we can, but we like to think of the trees. For every wad of paper, there once stood a tree...(Oak says: Let's go digital, before you cut down me.)


Words will never hurt you

We love insurance, and thus, love to write about it. Since it's the connecting element of the entire economic universe, we like to think it gives us license to talk about anything we think's cool.

Do you want some content to help boost your take up rewards - that's great, we'll help. It's all part of the service.

We can help with:

- Articles, listicles and tweets

- Animated Videos

- Events and Motivational speaking

What rewards *could* you earn?

Since we sell a large range of possible insurances, the rewards for each type can vary* - as well as by insurer. So, we'll figure out which rewards are most relevant to your business and, before signing up, you'll have a chance to check a full list of the rewards structure applicable to you.

Bear in mind, we're looking for both business/commercial and personal insurance customers.

You could earn 10% or more* per sale for referred customers, every year!

To apply, scroll up and ping us a note. Yay.