Why Choose Worry+Peace?

We look after our Teammates!

Welcome to the Future

That means mobile-friendly websites, modern tools and technology to enable you to buy insurance better.

We're committed to improving and regularly updating our tools so you'll never wonder what century you're in.

You are our priority

Our friendly UK-team are contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through any means at your disposal. Ring, email, Live Chat, Skype, Hangout, facetime... you name it and we'll do it.

We've also designed our own app, Pouch - to provide you with a truly 21st Century service. All this alongside out own lifestyle entertainment column, Buzz, check it out in the menu.

Working with top insurers

We believe in quality choice. That's why we've carefully selected our panel of insurers from the biggest, brightest and most committed insurance experts out there.

We typically choose insurers or wholesalers with a long record in the industry, a high degree of financial security and financial ratings, or a particular specialism.

You can always explore an insurer's profile - we give each member of our panel a profile, simply ask us and we'll send you a link!

Manage all your insurances, for free

The app built with you in mind. It's free and simple, create your account today! Manage your insurances bought from anywhere - not just ours. No longer shall documents be a hassle, store them and connect to your backups seamlessly.

We will never contact you or hassle you to shop with us - well, only if you ask! Just think of it as our little gift to all those who use our services.

Get to know us

Buzz is our world of news, entertainment and light reading about all the things we love. Find the news you won't hear in the usual places covering a diverse mix of articles covering interests from cyber security to dogs.

Generation.Buzz - so much more than insurance.

We look after our Teammates

After you original purchase, get up to 10% cash back on any other product you buy with us!