Why we rock the insurance world (in a good way)

Some reasons you'll respect our mission

🎈We have product/market fit

Providers are buying our licenses, and linking to us. We've onboarded nearly 80 providers to managed accounts - almost as many providers in 1 yr as the Comparison Site model in the UK has…. in 10. (Note: we are nothing like comparison sites)

We've barely spent anything on B2B marketing.

If you're not joining, you might want to find out why it's described as a No Brainer.

🥇We're levelling up Feedback

We consider a buyer's review to be for the "entire experience" - not just with the winning provider.

That means buyers can review N+1 providers in one.

We also make sure Providers feel empowered and comfortable to ask for feedback in as many places as possible - not merely after purchase.

Providers will always have more lost buyers than converted buyers - that's the nature of the conversion process. Asking the bigger pool yields bigger potential marginal gains.

😇 We don't take a cut

Insurance is sold and not bought. We realised that to connect the entire sector - we shouldn't ever be in line to take a cut of purchase decisions. So we don't.

We're not a threat to relationships - we don't technically need to drive the narrative that "switching" is good. (Because switching doesn't make us money... ahem, like some others.)

We're also about reviews, experience, first. That means buyers know we don't have a vested interest beyond the need to keep the lights on.

We're also not beholden to either buyers or providers - we can bring balance to the insurance force.

💸How we earn is fair + transparent

The three wins. Buyers Win, Providers Win, we Win.

If we do our job, Providers will save on spend - and we'll take spend share from inefficient channels that don't empower buyers in the way we do. Buyers get unlimited voice, oodles of free tools and the spend savings may arrive at their door.

We've also built insurance's first bespoke adtech, it's an open auction - ignition ready. It's fair, transparent and everyone knows what they're getting.

We think buyers and providers will see the way we earn is a level playing field - not a click casino stacked in our favour.

🌎We're not constrained by regulatory barriers

We can, and will, launch our platform in any territory we think it could help around the world.

Because we "crawl" the market and curate unmanaged listings, buyers can get reviewing way before we have to charm local providers to take control of their pages.

Anyone that helps us here in our homeland, will doubtless benefit when we go there.

Everyone wins. (Apart from our competitors.)

💪We care, we help, and you can find more on our tools and cultural values, here.


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