Review Responses and Resolution

Part 3 of our latest epic update drops

Worry+Peace is a reviews-led marketplace. Like TripAdvisor has helped hospitality - we’re going to help insurance. Custom-built for a sector, by a sector expert.

Our latest update continues to take our technology to a place where it offers unique features for providers across the insurance sector. If you haven't demoed it already, grab a slot.

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This update happened in 3-Parts.

Recall what we’ve already shared:

Banana Skin reviews complaints heads-up

- providers can be cc’d via a complaints@ email 😬

Quote Reviews enabled (for subscribing providers)

- A new button on certain provider's pages ✅

Universal Reviews

- buyers can review more than one provider in one process 💪

Response + Resolution tools enabled (Pt.3)

For every provider (free or subscribed)

What makes them different? We decided resolution was the key. So we baked that into the model.

Here’s the crib sheet of the functionality:

Public Response for every review type

🙏 Providers get one public reply to engage reviewer

Private Chat tools enabled

😇 Allows for interaction between buyer/provider on the negative reviews

Resolved / Not resolved button

⚖️ Buyer/provider can mark a negative review as resolved or subsequently unresolved

Resolved tag added to reviews

🏁 Resolved/Unresolved buttons in our platform update the review in real time to third party viewers. "Resolved"

features of our new update

I'm delighted to share these new features and will be adding more content in this format for quick and simple digestion of our awesome approach to this challenge.

We don't sell insurance, we connect it.

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