How to use our reviews

Tactics, deployment and your feedback strategy

Worry+Peace is a reviews-led marketplace for insurance. We connect buyers and providers - we don't sell or make products. We're on a mission to liberate feedback for both sides of the market.

Insurance needs its own bespoke tools to invite buyers to share their experience - so we built them. It's a unique product, after all.

We believe buyers should be asked to review their "overall" experience from product through to choice. That's why our Universal Reviews give buyers the option to review multiple providers from one place.

How can you use them? Starts from free...

💬Broad Signposting

Most providers use reviews after people buy the product. But "experience" and choice begins much earlier. We let you invite reviews for Buying, Support, Claims and even Quotes - by product type. Your feedback strategy just got one tool to serve every need.

Start signposting earlier, and everywhere you can, with simple "Review this Experience" style links or calls to action for your reviews page. Marketing doctrine assumes it takes a few channels or messages to trigger a prospect to become a lead - the same goes when you're inviting buyers to review. We can help with copy, widgets and graphics.

Don't make review invites a bolt from the blue. Empathise with buyer mindset.

🙈Blind Carbon Copy @

We can create an email address for you - either email it, or blind carbon copy it when you correspond with a buyer.

We'll ping them a brand invite to review you. We can create deeplinks to pre-filled pages for product and experience type. You can segment to your heart's content.

You get a certain amount of credits with a subscription! Enough to show our platform will return value.


We have 40 API endpoints that we privately deploy. Subscribed providers will have the option to access these for interesting use cases. If you automate, if you have APIs... so do we.

It's a stealth API right now... kind of exclusive, don't you know.

📲 Calls + Texts

If you're using smart telephony - great, see above! If not, we can give you numbers to use. We'll route them to you, but text mobiles with a support experience review request.

📨Smart Post

Give us any PDF and we can post it anywhere. We can make a QR code (a block that triggers a webpage on most modern smartphones) that links to your Reviews. By post - digital? You got it.

🔗Join the network

Link to your Worry+Peace page! Join our network, network effect is used by social media. But managing social channels and getting heard is high cost! It’s often a lot to take on. We're not. Linking to us is more economically efficient. That signpost also reinforces our independence and therefore buyer trust that their feedback isn't distorted.

Big reviews sites are only well-known because providers have paid them to receive their hard-earned buyers. They don't bring any deeper benefit - in fact we'd argue Star Reviews are not a route to ROI!!

💷Recycle marketing spend!

This is a big one. Send your buyers to us...

Don't forget - we are looking to connect, find attributions. When we know a buyer has a relationship with a provider, we remember. We want to help buyers find more contextual search results one day - it is a really exciting prospect.

How can you use reviews? For marketing spend cash back.


We hope this gives you some ideas on how easy and simple it is to consolidate your feedback strategy into our software.

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