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Affordably transform any fact-find process - use anywhere, then work with us on upgrading lead generation.

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💡Fact-finding just changed, forever.

More than just another update, this could be our most potent product, yet.

We’re offering you technology that doesn’t lock you down - low cost, easy, quick. That’s us democratising digital. Modern insurance providers need to be professional, have a focus on high levels of conduct and also keep with the times. That’s why this product is called Choices. You need them. For a relatively small investment, you can now explore tech plays in small steps, not giant leaps and giant cheques. Let’s do this.

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🔮 What is Choices?

It’s a new “smart” proposal form capability that gives you the power to spin up fact find and proposal forms in a digital format that is hyper-capable and future ready.

It’s simple to get moving and begin making digital tweaks to your range of products.

📈 Quick, affordable, easy

It's quick to update these forms. Not only is the original creation process rapid - editing and committing the updates to our platform is instant.

From start to finish, challenge us to get a proposal form to market quickly within 3 weeks!

📦 Fully integrated with our other tools

We have an entire platform's worth of tools you may wish to sync with your form. Ask our team for more information.

💪 Get your house style

You can customise a Choices form in a vast array of ways. Get your font, logo, and proposal style down to the letter. Add extra smart features like live chat, video or social media embeds. Grab an appointment to demo the product or email our team to explore this further.

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🖋️ Broker-to-Buyer

Perfect for those non-core lines you haven't invested into self-service or schemes that aren't using auto-pricing.

🧭 Wholesale-to-Broker

Efficiency gain central for inter-broker trade, especially for risks headed to Lloyd's of London and facultative markets.

⛱️ Carrier-to-Broker

An outstanding opportunity to upgrade the service levels of trading centres and servicing open market risks.

💪 Group Lead Generation

Join a group lead generation programme, swarm with similar providers to bring down the cost of acquisition.

or Work with us to activate your own custom campaigns.

🏗️ Pricing - Pick your build plan

We’ve built Choices using a code call JSON Schema. It’s flexible, powerful and you can decide how you build your Choices form. We can or you can simply send us your own - and we'll do the rest.

We Build-We host

From £750 + vat per form

  • ________________________
  • Year 2 @ £24.99 + vat per month/form

No Annual Contract

✌️ Go through us

You Build-We host

£24.99+ vat per month/form

  • ________________________
  • No Annual Contract

🤓 Go it alone

Bulk Orders

10% Discount Per 5 projects

    20% Discount on +20 projects

    🎈Go all the way

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    Still not convinced?

    We believe we can add real value to your business.

    So if you’ve still got questions, let’s talk them through.

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