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What is Worry+Peace?

Worry+Peace is an insurance marketplace platform - where lead generation meets amazing, modern tools.

Customers can sign up for accounts and manage all their insurance, from anywhere in one place.

Providers can sign up and make sure they are "found" by Customers, or invite their existing Customers to join - unlocking amazing new benefits.

Whether the insurance shopper is an individual, a family or a business, they can use Worry+Peace to buy insurance better

Can we Demo Worry+Peace's marketplace?

Yes! Head to the Become a Provider page. Click through to our Eventbrite to register for the next general demo or email us on hello[at]worryandpeace.com to arrange a custom demo.

Demos are free and typically use either https://appear.in/ or Zoom.us.

What is a Provider?

Any website upon which a Customer can find, buy or compare insurance or insurance services. That might be an intermediary, a direct insurer, a comparison site or a niche brand!

Who are Customers?

Simple, that's anyone that buys insurance. Some will be commercial clients, others retail consumers.

We call them Customers because our service is to help the buy insurance better. They are your future, valued clients - and we know that.

How does being a Provider work?

Every Provider can create a profile and be found for free for one product keyword. That's free. 100% free, unlimited leads. The catch is, search results are randomised, so there's no guarantee of high visibility for every search.

We'll be offering Providers the chance to ensure their "card" (see: What is a card?) can always be in a Top Spot on Customer searches - you can choose which type of visibility you want to have.

So, if you want unlimited tools in your profile, and guaranteed visibility, there's a monthly fee of £149.99 to access the means through which to secure it.

As per your End User License Agreement, and our terms, you'll note that £100 of every month's subscription fee is a rolling auction credit you can use to get your preferred leads and make sure you're always #1 on the homepage's search results.

You can do this for any product keyword. Giving you unlimited options and ways to outsmart your competitors and get in front of the Customers you want to meet.

Having one of the three Top Spots means UNLIMITED clicks: fixed cost. Whatever your winning bid was it will pay for every click you'll ever get, until the next auction is won.

If you don't use your credit up or don't want to bid for a Top Spot, your credit rolls over on layaway. You could build up a great battle fund!

Simple. The best value channel for meeting Customers ever, in the history of insurance.

What is a card?

A card is how Provider information is shown to Customers. A search result, in a nice wrapper.

It will draw information from your profile. It's your content and provides a link for Customers to get to your site.

Cards include a logo, a series of benefits you've added to the platform - these can be different for every product - and a customised colour for the cards.

Does the Unlimited Provider package include VAT?

No. VAT is chargeable on top, we'll ensure it is itemised for Providers who are opting for that package.

How does Top Spots bidding work?

We hate it that some Search providers show about 10 adverts for every search. Top and Bottom of the page.

The ads cost a huge amount, they are always paid per click, which offers no economies of scale, and THEY often set the price - telling Providers what they should bid, but then failing to tell them who they are bidding against.

They also "rank" every Provider with a secret algorithm. What method does the algorithm use to move Customers en masse to one or another Provider? Who knows, it's a secret. And some Providers are able to gain organic searches, others aren't.

We don't like unfair, that doesn't sound fair to us.

Meet Top Spots.

Top Spots are three simple placements - similar to the way a print page might be divided up for advertisers. If you want to be in one of the three Top Spots for a given keyword phrase or brand phrase like "Unoccupied Home insurance", you can.

Simply use some of your account's credit to bid. Anyone else using that phrase and bidding will see you've bid and it's their call to either outbid you or stick with their current bid. The bids occupying 1, 2 or 3 of the Top Spots will see the number next to their keyword.

Likewise, if they outbid you, we'll tell you who bid and how much they bid. You can either stick or twist.

Remember, when you win an auction a Top Spot is guaranteed and offers unlimited clicks - other results are randomised, so no one Provider comes out better off if they don't bid.

We know you'll love these terms of business because they are affordable, predictable and let your marketing team budget far better.

How does Rolling Credit for TopSpot work?

Rolling Credit is as simple as it sounds. We think you should be able to build up a battle fund. Insurance is often cyclical and seasonal, plus you might want to snare Top Spot at the same time as other campaigns your team are running.

Subscribing Providers pay a monthly fee, but a £100 portion of that each month is Rolling Credit for that Provider to use for Top Spot bids.

The bonus of Provider subscribed status is you get to "layaway" that credit to use in the future. Use it whenever you want, it doesn't expire, it's yours to use. You've paid for it, it's yours to use when you want. But until then, you can build a slush fund.

Don't forget, though, Rolling Credit isn't redeemable back as cash, it is just immortal within the platform!

It's our way of giving you the ultimate flexibility to grow as a business and get control of when you want to invest.

What is a Product Keyword bid "reserve"?

Every Keyword Market's auction has a Reserve price. Our aim is that the reserve does not exceed the typical expected "cost per click" on other major search advertising platforms.

In auction parlance, the reserve does what it says on the tin. It is the minimum bid. It's as simple as that.

What is the 'Eyeball Guarantee'?

We offer an indication of how many "eyeballs" we think we can get looking at each keyword. But it's only an estimate.

The guarantee is that if we don't hit that figure, whatever the Top Spot auction bids are - we'll adjust them automatically downward.

We've created some algorithm wizardry to track keyword markets - where the eyeball guarantee isn't met, the bot will credit back auction bids to the affected Provider accounts.

This happens seamlessly, you don't need to do anything. It's just our way of making this fair for you.

Can Insurers who only distribute via brokers have a listing?

Sure, why not! An insurer could, for example, create or use a "find a broker" page, and use a free card to tag themselves in a couple of key appetite areas. Customers searching could find either the insurers name or the products the insurer wants to drive to their broker.

Or, even better, an insurer could encourage its favourite brokers to list cards and use "Insurer A" (that's the given insurer's brand, of course, in this example) as a Keyword phrase or Brand phrase.

E.g. "Professional Indemnity for Architects by Insurer A"

That would ensure that for searches for the product that insurer specialises in, brokers who the insurer deals with appear! We'd love to hear from Broker Development teams and perhaps we can help you onboard your brokers?

We're sure the creative minds out there will think of a number of ways to master these new opportunity tools.

Contact Business Development

How many users can a Provider have on an account?

Standard accounts have unlimited users for each account.

How do I cancel my Provider listing?

The best marketing channel for insurance ever invented? And you want to quit.

The Initial Term for a Provider is 12-months. Following that you can cancel your subscription using the notice period in your terms.

What are Product Keywords and Phrases?

This is the combination of words we use to create our directory. Firstly, it's hundreds of individual insurance products. These are set into a smaller number of categories.

Product Keywords can also be extended and "found" with other phrases. Our directory is non-exhaustive, so if there's a product you would like to list for that isn't currently available, we can add that. If there's a phrase or keyword that should correspond to a product, we can connect them together.

How do users search the directory?

The user will start typing, they'll either be looking for something specific or looking for possible answers without much of a focus.

We use Product Keywords and Phrases to either shoot for specific needs or capture broad interest.

E.g. "Professional Indemnity for Web Developers"

You can then use these keywords to show your appetite and pitch for the customer's attention.

Does the Provider have a Direct relationship with the Customer?

Yes. Our system is not pervasive, the aim is to connect you to a Customer. If they like your terms, they'll buy. We offer them an email address to "sync" whatever emails and attached quotes or documents you send.

If we generate a Customer for you, that's it, you are working with them and free to offer whatever services you wish.

Our job is to show you how doing that via Worry+Peace will be far more credible and preferable for Customers.

How do Customers get onto Worry+Peace?

We will be pitching to Customers and inviting them to join our platform. They use our tools for free.

If you'd like to introduce users and even your own customers to Worry+Peace, we'd love to talk.

How will I learn to use Worry+Peace's Provider tools?

Our founder, James, will personally train you over a call or screen share - plus we'll publish and share comprehensive user guides you can refer to.

Our goal is that, if we've done our job properly, you won't need training at all, you find it all very intuitive.

What do I do if I have an unanswered question?

Email us or arrange a callback.

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