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Options and beneifts

Referrers can connect us to new Providers in a few ways

Get brokers and intermediaries you work with a discount

Since our Marketplace comes with a small fee per month, perhaps you might like to offer your intermediaries a discount! They'll be able to use it along with other offers, too - so you're guaranteed to offer them something of value.

Pass on extra credit to Providers you introduce

How many times do we hear about collaborations where a partnership means marketing support. With competition so hot - why not make credit on our account a USP?

We're open to offering credit to your intermediaries and prospective Providers on our platform at a discount. If you'd like to buy them a chunk of credit as a gift, or as marketing support - let's talk!

If you'd like to connect us and work with us to meet all your Providers, we can offer credit freebies, too!

Straightforward rewards for introductions

We're delighted to offer introduction fees to those who would like to formally refer Providers (remember that's anyone who wants to offer insurance products or services to consumers or businesses) to our platform!

Email us to find out more!

Book a Demo - see what you're introducing!

We're happy to demo our incredible tools to those who can refer us to Providers. They're free, online (so you don't have to travel!) and can accommodate up to 12 people!

Book your Demo!

WHY ARE WE GREAT for Providers?

We've removed the bugbears from the existing marketing models

We don't need a TOBA, promise.

Because we don't take any fees from the transactions we connect, you don't need to expend any energy with a TOBA. So there's no other opportunity cost to the Providers working with us! You're helping them save even more.

We don't drag your customers away again

Because we don't have a conflict of interest arising from any transaction that takes place, we don't need to drag a Provider's customer away and earn another fee when they renew!

Wow, how refreshing - they can focus all efforts on retaining the new customers they meet - safe in the knowledge we aren't trying to turn their head just for the sake of income.

But if they do shop around, maybe we can help them find even more of a Provider's range?

Our aim is to smash the grip of high costs of acquisition

Marketing budgets are always under pressure, welcome to a model that's designed to be transparent, sustainable and cheaper than other acquisition channels. The more Providers we work with, the more chance we have to reduce their marketing spend.

Find out more, or connect a Provider to us now!

We're not asking you to do any coding at all

We're not a comparison site - there's no integration to do for Providers to get value from our tools. We've built our own customised software to help Providers use our amazing Marketplace.

We know how much development costs and how stacked any Provider's technology plans already are - we've done the coding so they don't have to.

No extra costs and Providers can setup their accounts with unlimited support from us. All part of the service.

No more costs per seat, it's done

We know how annoying it is having to pay a fee for every staff member insurance Providers want on the latest tech tool. So we've done away with that.

With our Marketplace Providers get unlimited seats for their staff to use. How refreshing!

The only totally transparent marketing channel online

Our auction for the top listing tenancies happens weekly, it's totally transparent! We don't hint, nudge or poke Providers to spend what they don't need to. We do the right thing - we let them slug it out toe-to-toe with their competitors in a fair auction.

Providers are in total control with no middleman inflating their spend for their own benefit....

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Worry+Peace is a platform that connects insurance buyers with insurance Providers - any product, any buyer. Be they Personal Lines buyers or Commercial buyers or SMEs, even enterprise. We've got ambitions to help connect it all.

Are you interested in how it could assist your distribution or insurance colleagues? Become a referrer is the way to go!

We're happy to offer discounts, credit and rewards for Providers you refer to us. Yes, you can even refer colleague Providers when you are a subscriber yourself! It's simple.

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