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Giving local business more

We offer a whole lot more opportunity and service than your average suit.

We want to showcase your brilliance

We're building an amazing array of unique independent companies, no noise from big business and franchise chains. Only good, old-fashioned homegrown businesses.

We're more than an insurance broker, we're a value provider. Your business' message will get out there, because we'll do all we can to support it.

How can we help you get more pounds, sterling? Tell us.

Discounts on their own insurance? You got it.

Your business is your workforce. Work with us and we'll tailor special deals for your employees - regardless of team size - offering them exclusive discounts and service levels for lifestyle insurance products. All that as part of your current employee benefits scheme.

Let's share your story?

Every time we speak to a small business and invite them to the directory, we ask them five questions - it's their interview! We take it, and publish it online right here at Local Economy.

It's another link, another opportunity to tell your story.

It's also free, of course.

Rewarding easy referral programme

We all know someone else, don't we? Help us meet the people you love to work with, and we'll offer you a reward. You can either keep it, give it to the business or person you introduced us to - or share it with them. It's easy and there's no obligation or burden on you to do it. We like giving you options.

Get a link, unlimited keywords, custom colours

Free listings are simple. They simply feature your business. There's not much more functionality, and we only tag your listing card with two keywords.

Enhanced Listings 27p a day @ £100/year or FREE

But you can get an Enhanced Listing! Golly, there's always a catch, isn't there?

Thankfully, it's not a big catch. It's FREE if you allow us the honour of helping your business with its next insurance renewal. There, that doesn't sound so bad?

Enhanced listings offer a link to your site, unlimited keywords (relevant ones!) to help searchers find you, and we let you pick a colour for your card, any colour.

That's 27p a day for your enhanced listing or FREE if you are open to working with us.


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