Rewards for life, in team right now!

All Community Shareholders get:

  • Unique rewards*, discounts and cashback on our ever-expanding inventory of products, all offers not available to General Customers
  • A voice in the future of insurance, we'll ask you for ideas, feedback and thoughts
  • Swag offers and free gifts throughout the course of the year
  • Enhanced “introduce a friend” rewards, only for Community Shareholders
  • Early Bird access to releases, new products and Pouch Updates.
  • Chance to dine for Free with the Founding team once a year
  • Exclusive Shareholder Monthly draw, for a bottle of Nyetimber, a product of England luxury sparkling wine. All offers include personal customers and well as SME-business customers!

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Specific Rewards around the Crowdcube raise - by investment size.

Travel Cashback £10+

One-time 15% cashback voucher on a range of Travel Insurance products we offer through Pouch, with a concierge service at self-service prices! (Quotes are subject to terms).

Worry+Peace Tee £50+

A lovely grey tee complete with a kick-ass logo. (As well as the previous reward! Yay.)

Discounts Forever + Tee £100+

All of the other offers before this... Every single shareholder gets discounted insurance, forever. We'll work at cost for you - meaning you get great insurance deals exclusively discounted. Everyone needs insurance, so hey, this one is about as useful as it gets. We'll also double our "introduce a friend" rewards, just for you. We work with top insurers - our panel includes AXA, Aviva, LV, Ageas, Lloyd's of London market access and much, much more!

Cycling Shirt £250+

All the previous rewards, plus you'll get a Worry+Peace professional-style, awesomely cool and beautiful cycle jersey to love or use or giveaway. May by Paria and limited edition... oh yes.

Discounts + Swag Bag + £1,000+

Discounts forever, plus, if you invest more than £1000 and we'll send you a bag of Worry+Peace swag - The cycling jersey, tees, USB keys, those canvas shopping bags you need now to avoid spending 10p on a plastic one and much, much more. And you'll be put on our founder's private mailing list.

*Commission Rewards explained:

If you were a minimum entry investor Community Shareholder, for your first year as Community Shareholder you will receive a 75% discount on our share of premiums (known as a commission). If for example, our commission was 20% - bearing in mind we don’t charge any hidden fees, and that gets you unlimited support and pouch - you’d get another 15%-off! Add that up, and your £10 investment looks like a bargain! Additional offers apply when you invest larger amounts.

REMEMBER - CAPITAL IS AT RISK when you invest.

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James York
James York @worryandpeace

James is the founder of Worry+Peace. Not only is he a personal insurance guru, he’s also a seasoned tech and lifestyle writer and publisher, having launched Blokely and a number of successful specialist blogs. James sits on two digital steering committees in the insurance industry and is a campaign partner for Fintech Futures (Insurance Age). He is also alarmingly positive about almost everything, with a concrete can-do attitude and a no-nonsense spring in his step.