Worry+Peace Insurtech Network

we are the first and the most free* insurtech incubator

Have you got what it takes to change insurance for the better?

Do you consider yourself an expert in your field of insurance? Reckon you could create a consumer or SME insurance product, or brand, and take it to market? Need a bit of help to make your entrepreneurial dream come true? Join a team that does it for a living.

Insurtech is everywhere right now - it means insurance is changing and innovating at last. If you’re considering how you could join the momentum, we want to hear from you.

This virtual incubater offers you BOTH Regulatory and Supply chain co-founder as well as a Technical co-founder in the form of our venture partner, MOHARA. Or you can simply work with us to get your product rolling.

It's about bringing experts together - working with people that share the same values as us. Offering access, knowledge and capability to your new venture.

Apply to get your insurtech venture off the ground, fast

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Why our virtual insurtech incubator?

Why not? (Is probably what you'll be thinking shortly...)

We bring the regulatory framework, you bring the ideas.

Getting fully regulated is always an option you should explore. But some businesses and entrepreneurs like the support "safety in numbers" offers. Working with us means working with someone who understands and who has been there.

You get all our hard work, straight away. And that's a lot of hard work, don't you know... You'll get our free consultancy to unlock new product distribution agreements and supply chain support.

Joining our new wholesale programme is also incredibly affordable. In fact, you only need to invest a tiny one-off fee, which is blow-your-socks-off competitive. There's a small ongoing override on premium, and we'll work with you to ensure maximum value from customer engagements.

We won't own your clients, you will

That's right. Not only do we offer you amazingly good terms to join the programme, we respect that your hard work will get your customers through the door. Whilst we do ask for some terms to ensure our investment in you provides the best chance of a return, we won't be all "we own your customers". No, your customers own you - and you can keep that relationship blossoming as long as you need.

We're also on hand to administer customer service support if you don't feel your insurance expertise levels meet the stringent regulatory expectations.

Cultivate options from willing insurers

We're wired into the insurance market and have experience launching new online propositions. We'll find a way and get you up and running to earn your spurs as quickly as we can.

Great service always finds a solution for customers - our goal is for you to give them solutions and convenience. We want you to be our partner, to collaborate with us.

Get up and running fast

We'll review your business plan and model. If it stacks up and we think there's a cultural fit between your way and ours, we'll back you by asking the regulator to support our extending authority around you. It's an arm around the shoulder, and it's on us to make sure you don't mess up and always put your customers' needs first.

MOHARA will have you covered

Don't know how to code? Haven't found a techie-type to co-found the business. Fear not, we've lined up some more technical experts for you.

MOHARA specialise in early stage CTO-services and venture incubation. Alongside their unique technical model, you'll have access to their corporate services support, our regulated expertise and both of our guidance on business development.

Amazing, huh?

What is a virtual #insurtech incubator?

It is a non-physical business support structure to help make something happen.

Successful applicants receive:

  • Regulatory authority extended to your new venture
  • Expertise in crafting insurance products
  • Brand, strategy and sector engagement support
  • A ready supply chain of insurers and schemes
  • Consultancy and help with mistake management
  • Energy, support and business development
  • *Free until you get the deal you need
  • No fixed costs, proportional revenue share

Need a CTO?

We've catered for that, too! MOHARA is the one-stop for technical co-founder support. It’s basically acost-effectivee co-founder in a box - and much more besides.

Together, Worry+Peace x MOHARA is your new route to test your ideas out in a de-risked environment, at lower cost and in less time.

Sound good?