Creating Better Insurance

Buyers may always be right, but that doesn't mean providers are always wrong. Worry+Peace was created to make the insurance experience better for both sides.

Here’s how we’re creating change.


Dispute Resolution

We don’t believe in 1 or 2-star reviews.

We think a poor experience is a slip-up,

which can and should be resolved, if not

rectified, for the next buyer.

Through the Worry+Peace platform,

we provide buyers and providers with

the tools to voice their concerns and

settle their differences.


Slip-Ups Happen

If a buyer has a poor experience, they have the

ability to leave a provider a banana skin review

on that provider's page.

That review gets sent straight to the provider’s

complaints team.

But it’s what happens next that’s important.


First Response

Every review allows providers to post one public

response so they can invite further correspondence

with the reviewing buyer.

This gives both sides an opportunity to hear each

other’s perspective in private.



Buyers and providers can use Worry+Peace

chat tools to explore their differences privately.

No one should air dirty laundry in public.

Inboxes for both buyer and provider reviews

allow for back and forth until a resolution has

be made.



The ultimate goal is getting to the point of

resolution, where both sides have had an

opportunity to work things through.

Any review can be marked “resolved” by a

provider but buyers have the power to mark

them as “unresolved” if they don’t feel satisfied

with the process. Then it’s back to triage.


Why Is This Better?

Our model allows for concern to be raised publicly

but for resolution to happen privately, allowing

both sides to be open and candid.

Slip-ups aren't entertainment, they are a buyer's

experience and a provider's reputation.

We value both.


Got More Questions?

We've put together an FAQs page with further questions.

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