Why buy life insurance?

Make sure, if the worst happens, you secure the future of those who depend on you

Getting Married

What costs would arise if the worst happened?

Starting a Family

Make sure those that depend on you are OK

Running a Business

Could your company survive without you?

Life Insurance service meets modern technology

We've chosen Cavendish Online as our Life Insurance providers for you. We've opened Pouch, your free application for managing and buying insurance, to a Marketplace of chosen "Sellers". It's a bit like those online stores, Amazon, or Etsy - but for insurance. Cool!

There's no added costs or hidden extras - in fact, by working with them through us, you'll unlock even more value, just you wait.

Think of us as your way to discover insurance - that's how we help you buy insurance better.

This collaboration sees our 21st-century approach to insurance joined up with decades of specialism and expertise. The outcome makes for a lovely experience for you!

You'll be working with Cavendish Online directly, and also with us! By the magic of Pouch, we'll keep your documents safe and sound, too!

We're connecting all the different bits of the insurance industry under one roof - just for you.

Soon, very soon, we'll also have a self-service Life Insurance portal, as well.

All of this is possible thanks to your free-to-use insurance wallet, Pouch. It's free for everyone, even if you don't shop with us. Think of Pouch as your platform to store things, and Worry+Peace as your start point to find quotes on any type of insurance.

This Life Insurance service is another solution for you, like everything we do, it's convenient as standard. We hope you like it.

How does it work?

Our chosen life insurance partner is on hand to help...

Our marketplace bot will connect you to Cavendish Online

We've made a tiny form, this not only creates a Pouch event for your interest in Life Insurance, it will package up your basic details and automatically send them (with a polite introduction) to our Life insurance providers at Cavendish Online.

They'll pick up the phone...

Cavendish Online will call you and get to work!

Quotes will be waiting in your Pouch insurance wallet

Our partners at Cavendish will email you the documents for your quote - don't worry, we'll never see any medical or sensitive information.

If you buy a product, we'll simply load your documents onto your free-to-use insurance wallet, Pouch. It's all part of the service!

Don't forget, when you buy a product from our range on offer, be it a product we've crafted, or via a specially chosen partner, you get a reward for your next purchase! Lovely.

When you spend over £12 per month

Products paying above £12 per month get a free annual travel insurance voucher worth £75 pounds!

Wowsers! That's a bonus.

Introduce a friend to us and you'll get £50 each.

If you tell a family member, friend or colleague about our Blossom life insurance service and they order a product - you'll both get £50. As long as they're paying more than £10 a month. We may even "top up" your cash with a bonus if they ordered a larger product.

Quite a windfall!

Introduce a friend is settled just like our cashback offer. We'll unlock the cash six months after the first month's payment. It typically takes up to two weeks to send that money to you, no more.

Why choose this life insurance service?

We're offering every single one of our customers:

  • Amazing rewards for buying - Free Annual Travel Insurance*
  • Generous "introduce a friend" offers - £50 each!
  • Rewards when you buy more than one product
  • Convenience of having all your insurance on Pouch

Life insurance powered by Cavendish Online

Here's how it compares

This service:
This service:
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"Whole" of Life Insurance Market

Decades of Experience

Free Pouch Wallet

Rewards + More!

Lovely Customer Support
We chose our partner because we know they care.
We chose our partner because we know they care.

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