Image courtesy of The Next Web

Most Wanted: Touchjet Pond pocket projector

Forget pico projectors, they’re old hat. And the idea of a decent projector being built into your iPhone or Android phone is still, in all honesty, a good few years off.

Which is exactly why this new Touchjet Pond pocket projector is our current Most Wanted Gadget of the week. But what’s so clever about a mini projector?

The Touchjet Pond has packed a fast Android device’s functionality into this tiny marvel, which essentially means that this little box is a portable smartphone projector and NOT a portable projector that needs a smartphone plugged into it to provide content.

It’s a small but incredibly clever point of differentiation – and the project started out as an Indiegogo campaign last summer (originally named the TouchPico).

Its available in the US now for $599 (£383) and we’ll be sure to let you know when and where UK gadget fans can get a hold of one over here. For now, check TheNextWeb’s detailed hands-on review for all you need to know.

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