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Introducing ANOTHER unique feature of Worry+Peace

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Feature Alert, Feature Alert!

How many customers know what they need? What's the best way to find any insurance? Some might have a rough idea but need a little guidance. Well, our smart directory [when it launches to consumers in January] has a couple of neat features we added in.

The first is Playlists...they are ways we can collect product types together or make a category of products in themselves.Insurance Buyers will be able to punch in PLAIN ENGLISH phrases and our smart insurance directory will offer up product options they might need. No intrusive forms, or faddy matching algorithms....just simple solutions for the time pushed and knowledge poor.

This is in contrast to other solutions that have been built or are in build where the onus is on a buyer to fill out onerous and time-consuming information (which is secretly not designed to help them at all, rather used as a means of data capture and on boarding.) That sucks. So we decided to do the legwork instead.

We'll be doing two things - firstly predicting what product options might be of interest, letting the Buyer find their interest. Secondly, we'll suggest playlists of curated Providers we like for a given phrase.

Phrases will include things like "I just started a business...", "I just got married...", "I moved house...", "I got engaged..." and "I'm worried about %insert range of things%".

Buyers will then be able to visit the Providers who've shown an appetite for their needs and magic will happen. What about advice and the like, you say? Well, since we DO NOT TAKE A TRANSACTION FEE, we don't have a conflict of interest. Creating Playlists of brands we like is no different to Google RANKING brands with a secret formula that only one or two houses at Hogworts could fathom... Nah, we're using the best algorithm we have: Experience.

We can't wait to share more unique features of our simple new way Buyers will be able to find insurance. We're helping folks find any insurance so they can buy insurance better.

Do you run a Provider? You might want to sign up to the all-new way to share your proposition with insurance Buyers.

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