Planet Insurance - to the trees! (Coming Soon!)

There's this amazing new technology, called trees....

planet insurance

"But what can we do?" MORE THAN WE ARE

So, let's go.

I've decided not to stand by and watch, wringing my hands as the World burns and nature is destroyed.

Don't worry, this isn't me demanding you drop a burger or guilt-tripping you by clogging bridges with purple yachts. This is about trees. I love trees, always have. It's time to big them up. Planet Insurance time.

I'm going to spend 10hrs - 1.5hrs setup time budgeted - to created a new insurance product.

Planet Insurance.

It's pretty simple - it doesn't require me to beg an underwriter for a good wording, or 12 months to wait for compliance to sign-off. This is a good old-fashioned story of will power.

(Please use a different email if you already subscribe to Worry+Peace...)

How does it work?

  • We will create a Planet Insurance checkout
  • Cover starts from £10 up to whatever you want
  • We configure our payment solution to send the money straight to the Tree Charity.
  • We send you a receipt/schedule which contains a reference number so you can check the money made it
  • We send our preferred Tree Charity general email a receipt with the reference and your details (so they can get in touch in the future.)
  • We all promote it.

Terms and Conditions:

What do we need from you?

  • A payment card
  • Your basic details - Name(s), City/Town/Village (CTV), Email, number
  • You to be GDPR-cool that we will ping these to the Woodland Trust
  • You to be cool that once 5 people from one CTV are in, the Tree Charity can contact you and arrange for a few trees to be sent... You then plant them.
  • You to help us get the word out!

What's covered?

We will send your money directly to an organisation who are solely dedicated to the protection and propagation of Trees.

Coverage includes:

  • As many trees as your CTV has or can pay for
  • Oxygen produced by the tree from time to time
  • Possibly, edible produce grown by the trees from time to time
  • Removal, from day to day, of Carbon Dioxide from the air around you.
  • Good, barky hugs.

Excess Applicable

  • Your Donation to the Tree Charity.

Download IPID Summary


Don't be cynical! This is not about us covertly onboarding you to what we do, which is awesome in itself. If you buy Planet Insurance, we promise not to:

  • Invite you to use our platform using the information and goodwill provided
  • Keep your details for anything else other than Planet Insurance (see Cover - How it Works)
  • Sell your details or use them for our own nefarious capitalist desires.


We have a few goals for Planet Insurance...

  • Everyone who buys cover plants 10 trees each within 12 months (yes, you're on a deadline...proof needed please)
  • Everyone who buys cover shares their purchase on social media, or via a message group at least once
  • Everyone gives 1.5hrs of their time to help.
  • Use the hashtag #ToTheTrees

How to claim?

  • Contact the Woodland Trust and ask for a treepack, showing your donation schedule we've created on your behalf
  • Breath in and out...

Have you ever heard the story about the evil tree?

There isn't one.

When is this product being released?

We aim to release this product by the end of the month - but you may wish to self-insure. Visit the Woodland Trust directly...

Visit Woodland Trust
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