Victorian-style greenhouse bar opens in the midst of Soho

Sip cocktails and mocktails in an 1880’s West End orangery


If you are looking for a quirky pop-up bar in the heart of the West End, then we urge you to check out the new Salon Noir

L’Escargot in collaboration with Fentimans Ltd. is launching a pop-up cocktail bar in the heart of Soho this August, open from Monday to Saturday, 8am-1am, and all dogs are welcome.

The Salon Noir

The Salon Noir on the top floor of the members’ club “Upstairs” will be transformed into a Victorian style greenhouse full to the brim with live botanicals. These plants will be used to make a selection of cocktails using Fentimans botanically brewed mixers.

A selection of six bespoke cocktails, created by top mixologist, Matt Preedy will be available at all times in addition to the full Fentimans range of adult soft drinks. To add to the magic three golden snails will be hidden around the botanical bar which can be redeemed for any cocktail, and just for fun each day one of the £7.00 cocktails will be charged at just £5.00.

Secret Garden wonderland

"This is a great opportunity for us to transform one of our most dramatic rooms into a secret garden wonderland!” says George Pell, General Manager at L’Escargot.

“What could be better on a sunny day than to sit in an oasis of calm and sip bespoke Cocktails. It is fantastic to work with Fentimans, I feel we share so many values- especially the heritage of both of our brands."

Eldon Robson, Fentimans Managing Director and great grandson of the original founder, Thomas Fentiman, adds: “This is the first time we have attempted to create an experience like this for our customers. We want to provide a magical environment for people to enjoy our drinks.

"Something unique to tie in with the nostalgic nature of our flavours. We’ve had an overwhelming response to our mixer range and we want to show people how versatile all our drinks are: for example, using Dandelion & Burdock to create the ‘Little Treacle’ cocktail which is simply delicious.”

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