How responses to reviews work

The Path to resolution and mutual respect

Worry+Peace is a reviews-led marketplace. We're reimagining how we can better connect insurance the buyer and provider. We like to help improve insurance experience.

Disagreement is sometimes inevitable in life. Diplomacy should reign. We believe that experience slip-ups can be resolved, so both sides better understand each other's perspectives.

Responses to reviews on Worry+Peace embody that.

Whilst we allow for positive reviews - đŸĨ‡đŸĨˆđŸĨ‰- and they can be responded to, let's focus on how poor experiences or concerns are fixed.

🍌Slip-ups happen

Now this graphic should be upside down! đŸ˜Ŧ But you get the idea.

We don't believe in 1 or 2-star experiences. We think poor experience is a slip-up that can and should be resolved, if not rectified, for the next buyer.

Buyers can post a banana skin review on any providers Worry+Peace page. This can be pinged to the provider's complaints team, as well. It's what happens next that's important.

↩ī¸First Response

Every review has the ability for providers to post one public response. Buyers may always be right, but that doesn't mean providers are always wrong.

Providers may wish to invite a call or further correspondence.


In the First Response, providers have offered a number or email to speak further. They can use our chat tools to privately explore the issue further with the buyer. Inboxes for both buyer and provider reviews allow for this back and forth until...


Any review can be marked as "resolved" by a provider. Buyers have the unilateral ability to mark them back as "unresolved". Then it's back to Triage!

We think this model works really nicely. It allows for a public voice but then, as is proper, a private exploration and resolution where both parties can be open and candid. Slip-ups aren't entertainment, they are a buyer's experience and a provider's reputation.

We value both!