💸 How do Worry+Peace make money?

Transparently... ethically.

Worry+Peace is a reviews-led marketplace. We connect insurance, we don't sell it.

Insurance is sold and not bought, as the saying goes. It's a grudge buy. A product most "buy but don't consume".

Trust is therefore the currency of the sector. It's also hard to come by.

🤨Buyers don't trust Providers to fulfil promises.

🙄Providers are constantly attacked by fraudsters

We decided the way to create more mutual trust, as with any conflict, was to play the role of arbitrator. We're on both your sides, and neither's.

We work with both sides of the insurance market. Our economics are pretty simple.

🤔Buyers - FREE to use

- No one should pay for a quote or to leave a review


- Fair? Providers already spend too much to meet buyers and don't listen enough.

⚖️ Bringing balance to the force

We consider our role in connecting insurance buyers with providers to be sales-neutral.

We don't ever, ever, ever, take a cut of anything you, quote or buy through our free search.

We don't charge a commission, a sales fee, even a lead fee to the providers you meet. (Nothing for your transactions.)

🚀 Boosted Listings

We let providers create listings in searches for hundreds of product varieties. These listings are randomised as standard.

We'll be releasing tools to Match You to providers in the future. For now, providers can boost their listings and get seen a bit more.

A boosted listing is an advert, won via an online auction

🙌Auctions are 100% transparent

👀We show all bidders, all the winning bids...

⏳Auctions run weekly, when the clock stops, bids close.

😇Providers decide the cost per click through bids, not us

☂️Listings from non-bidding providers still show up

🎟️Provider Subscriptions

You can click on the Become a Provider page to see how we speak to providers and what we charge.

💳They pay a monthly fee for slightly better terms.


💷Providers can "Pay as they go: - when they make bids, we simply charge them a fee.

😉Subscribing Providers get more.

Their subs include auction ad-credit as standard. They don't pay a fee when they win a bid.

(We get some predictable income, which keeps the lights on...)

👊Why is this all good for you?

We don't "need" you to move providers to keep on existing ourselves.

That means we won't ever try and get you to do something that's good for us, but not you. What's good for you, is good for us.

Concerned about any of the ethics of this?

Email us, or visit our FAQs for other questions.

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