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We'll chat through your business needs and any possible risk management, data needs you already have. Then we'll connect you with 30MHZ.

30MHZ will put together a sensor pack + mother box

Our colleagues will put together a package of sensors that suit your business needs.

The mother connects to a direct internet connection or 3G mobile connectivity to the cloud. The mother communicates to its children ( sensors) via radio frequency.

The sensors mesh together to create a strong stable network. If one sensor goes down, they can piggy back off others to get home to the mother with the information. Neat!

Your platform experience commences...

30MHZ provide you with access to their flagship platform, ZENSIE as the sensors and mother do their thing, the data will flow into the cloud for you to gather all the insight you need via the dashboard tools available to you.

Create several dashboards and use slick tools

You'll enjoy the intuitive user experience and the power afforded to you by ZENSIE - especially the ability to operate several dashboards as well as unique tools and alerts.

Sensors that monitor the length and breadth of your business

We're delighted to be an official reseller for 30MHz.

The Internet of Things revolution is here and we want our customers, their clients and teams to be ready for the opportunity of a generation. With our combined efforts, we'll unlock data that can not only help you manage your risks more proactively but also help you add tangible business value.

30MHz believe that with technology and data, organisations of any size can innovate to become more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. Using easy to deploy wireless sensors, we’re empowering businesses to turn metrics captured from the physical world into actionable insights at industry-scale.

With the 30MHz Toolkit, 30MHZ is lowering the barrier to entry to industrial sensor technology. Their scalable and interoperable plug-and-play solution is designed for quick roll-out of sensors in the hundreds of thousands, and their dashboard makes data monitoring simple and user-friendly from any device.

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The 30MHz Sensor Toolkit is simple, powerful and ready to deploy. Go beyond manual measurements or end-of-day reports. Track your environment with alerts and analytics in real-time and add any number of sensors to make your business more productive, sustainable and cost-effective.

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