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The Exclusive PRCA Offer

Wirth prices starting from just £179.00 for a £100,000 Professional Indemnity limit, plus our freebies. We have a range of policies and packages to fit your business.

Cyber Crime is here to stay.

With WPP being the latest high profile media victim, let us help keep your business protected with a free Cyber Breach policy. This is designed to help protect your business in the event of a cyber breach or hack.

PR is nothing without People

PR and people go hand in hand. We understand that so will throw in £1 million worth of cover absolutely free. This will help protect your business from any claims made for accident or injury whilst on your premises.

How does it work?

We're tech-savvy, understand the modern digital economy and a thing or two about communications, too! That means your commercial insurance and other insurances are in safe hands.

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Your expert service begins

We like to speak to you, hear about your business and the things you're concerned about. If you like using modern tools like Hangout, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter - you guessed it - so do we!

Once we have all we need, we'll get straight to finding you some solutions.

Free quotes will be on Pouch, waiting for you

Because we've curated the market and found an exclusive, expert partner in Beazley, our standard offer will be what's known as a "non-advised" service. That means we won't make a recommendation but will help you understand the fine print.

Our hands-on service will then be on hand to guide you through the process and offer ongoing support throughout the year. We're your agent, representing you!

Buttons plus super personal service

This isn't like a self-service quote. It's a bit like a self-service quote. We'll receive your form and put prices on your Pouch - when you login, you'll be able to send us messages, order options or reject them! (All at the click of a button.)

It's customised business insurance as a service. Neat.

Whilst you access your quotes on Pouch, we also email them to you and your colleagues. Most of all, though, we talk to you, and come and see you if you'd like. Oh, and we're on Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangout, Slack - wherever you are!

Ongoing support via our exclusive app

Pouch is our very own custom-made platform for providing your insurance experience with all the tools it needs to manage your purchases.

Use for free 24/7/365 days a year, with our support team on hand. Store products, send us Nudges and have 100% transparency on-demand. Safe, secure, and made for mobile.

The commercial Insurance service that's listening

Commercial insurance services delivered with passion, energy and imagination. With a digital pulse beating in the heart of our brand.

Modern tech alongside traditional values

We like to think we've distilled the best of the traditional insurance service model into a big jar of modern.

With us, you'll find all the standards of professionalism you've come to expect, but you'll also be surprised by our technology and the platforms we use to work for you and your risk needs.

We're working with Beazley to help you even more

Worry+Peace’s commercial insurance service for the PRCA is to be exclusively underwritten by Beazley, a prominent and respected Managing Agent at Lloyd’s of London with extensive expertise in specialist products and risks from across the globe. Beazley’s specialism in media and cyber risks provides PRCA members with a knowledgeable and A-rated (AM Best) product solutions to consider.

Fuelling Informed Decisions

Whether you want us to come and see you face to face, or like a video call, or simply regularly communication of live chat - we've got your service expectations covered

A dedicated account manager and team will be there with you, every step of the way. Their job is to understand your business and help craft the right solution for your team's needed.

What makes a 21st Century insurance service?

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Honest with our fees

Free Pouch, for all your insurances, from anywhere

Support, galore!

Business development

Benefits for your Team!

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