What do we offer when someone helps us?

Naming Rights

We love customers helping us improve so much - that’s why every problem or bug reported is codenamed after the very person that told us about it. (All examples here are slightly fictitious to say the least.)

E.g. “Gill” found that a tooltip didn’t work for her when she was on her mobile phone. So we fixed it. Each year, we'll be sharing all our names.

We know it's not like naming a hurricane, or anything, in terms of importance - but anything less than "the best" is not good enough. So, any mistake we make is seismic to us - it's stopping us being the best we can for you.

"Gill" (or you) is then a part of the Worry+Peace story - a little bit of her brilliance and time is a part of our code. How lovely. Props.

Social Media Hugs

If you’ve got a twitter handle, tell us. We’ll probably GIF you some huge, massive love and encourage everyone we know to follow you and retweet all your wisdom!

E.g. “Ollie” found that a link we’d sent out on a tweet didn’t work - we’d missed a letter off. He DM’d us and saved us more blushes. We love Ollie.

Little Gifts

The worst kind of annoyance is when our mistakes end up costing you time. We’ll send you a bigger thank you when we think we’ve really let you down, personally.

E.g. “Jane” found that her invoice did not contain the right payment details - she couldn’t settle without taking the time to call us, and advise that her bank said the sort code and account number didn’t match. We sent her £5 of gift vouchers because that just won’t do.

Big Gifts

If you were to find an absolute clanger of an issue, we’d REALLY appreciate you telling us. If this is something that effects everyone, and we’re exposed in some way, to our brand being super-damaged, we want to know. We never knowingly make errors, but sometimes they happen and, if bad luck strikes - they might be bigger.

E.g. “Dominic” (he doesn’t like people calling him “Dom”) found that he couldn’t finish buying a travel insurance product because our phone number checker was convinced his 07- didn’t exist! He promptly told us and we were so embarrassed and passionate that no one else suffered the same fate, we offered to either pay a chunk towards his premium - if he gave us another go - or to send him a £35+ gift voucher.

We DON’T pay vulnerability rewards or ransoms. We aren’t Google. But if you find something, and want to be white hat and support us, who knows? Maybe we’ll cut you a cheque one day. (We have long memories.)

Thanks for having our backs.

Big insurance hugs.


Ps. "Scott", if you're out there? (The live chat was playing up, we REALLY were talking to you!!)

It's pretty simple really, if you spot something that is wrong with our website, even just a typo, it could be your lucky day...