Worry+Peace logos and other files

Yes yes yes:

  • Use our logo files to refer to Worry+Peace
  • Toss the logo on the pyre of the insurtech hype cycle, if you must
  • Use these files in online videos and insurance-related stories
  • Use these to direct your readers or customers to us and our offer

No no no:

  • Don’t mess with the logo
  • Definitely, don’t mess with the logo
  • Basically, don’t change the logo at all

Worry+Peace "Plus" (SVG)

This is our plus, we sometimes use this for avatars, profiles or quick identity channels. You might want to use it on startup ecosystem images, or something else cool.

Get .SVG

Worry+Peace = Insurance Don’t “&” us, right?

Whilst the URL of Worry+Peace is worryandpeace.com, that doesn’t mean we’re an ampersand. In fact, we’re nowhere near ampersand territory. We get why some people use it. This blog is pretty awesome as ampersand history blogs go. The ampersand is a ligature - a joining of two letters - that originates from the Latin letters 'A' and 'E'. "Et" in Latin means "and". Since we're not seeking to be a Latin brand, we'll go with the modern, mathematical meaning of "and" - plus, as in addition. We're +, said like an "and". You know, just to be difficult... (sorry not sorry.)

But there’s more to the branding than that superficial grammarian stuff. It’s about belief in the mission - it is an equation. It’s the insurance equation we live by and the thing that helps us create a place for people to buy insurance better. No one has the budget to erase all risk from their life, plus no insurance policy covers any eventuality. The economics just wouldn’t work, right? So ‘Worry’ plus the ‘Peace’ of mind you get from an insurance product is the balance. That’s our retail offering.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, though… We also acknowledge the existence of an epic tome of a works called “War and Peace”. It’s a little tongue in cheek, but doesn’t an insurance often read as if its trying to be soon long it never ends? Yep Tolstoy gets a nod. TL:DR. (Please note you should always read your insurance contracts. All jokes aside….)