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Not one but TWO offers for our customers

Following the recent launch of our specialist cycle insurance for road, track, hill and commuting riders, we've lined up something rather special. We don't just do simple, straight-forward insurance, you see, we also cover the yummier things in life. Step forth, dear customer and behold - your nutrition's finest hour has cometh. Meet TRIBE...with whom we've lined up two great offers.

People running through hills with backpacks on, lush green valley behind them. Gorgeous! By TRIBE & Worry+Peace

TRIBE offer is simple and two-fold.

1) Buy a product from Ascent.Bike (yes, click that link, you!) GET 50% off your first order with TRIBE.

2) Signup for our newsletter or Pouch and get £1 off your first order.

(No need for any applause, or thanks, we do it for you - although retweets presents and kudos are most welcome.)

We know how knackering a long ride can be, and how important it is to keep energy-loaded, and hydrated. We also know all too well how some products fit for exactly this purpose never quite hit the sweet spot of tasty, healthy and affordable.

Drum roll.... UNTIL NOW!

Our friends over there are pretty cool, here's them in their own words:

"TRIBE is an all-natural sports nutrition brand that delivers performance sports nutrition to your door when you need it. Our products are nutritionally formulated to fuel tough challenges and facilitate recovery using all natural wholefood ingredients that have fuelled athletes for thousands of years. Our subscription packs are made up of 6 natural products tailored to match your personal training needs." Said TRIBE.

Enough said.

Click below to signup and reveal the promo code.

Visit Ascent

Blaze trails with TRIBE

James York
James York @worryandpeace

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