Seedrs Alumni Club

Worry+Peace honoured to be partner for insurance

We are proud, nay honoured, to announce that we have partnered with Seedr's and the shiny new Seedrs Alumni Club - which helps those businesses who've successfully funded via the site.

Seedrs burst onto the fintech scene in 2012 offering startups and UK businesses a unique way to raise new funding. They've never looked backed and ushered in a new era of liquidity solutions for innovators and makers across the UK.

Worry+Peace, as a 21st Century insurance intermediary, is delighted to offer something equally different for all their alumni.

We know growing, investing in, or even starting a business is tricky at the best of times - so Seedrs Alumni can rest assured we understand their efforts.

The green circular Seedrs logo stands to the left of the Seedrs title written in black capital letters.

We're delighted to be a partner for Seedrs Alumni Club

Launched in 2012, Seedrs is a crowdfunding platform that enables people to invest into a start-up from as little £10. Rather than the traditional model of one or two large investors, Seedr's focus upon people investing in companies that they have an affinity with. Therefore, capturing their will for the business to succeed beyond their original financial investment.

Anyone can invest in to these businesses, be they friends, family, customers or other independant investors. in exchange for investment, the company will sell equity in the business.

Seedrs act as a hub to enable successful crowdfunding. Companies will only receive the funding from their collected pool if they manage to raise 100% of their intended target.

Famous backers of Seedrs include Any Murray and with over 200 companies joining their alumni including notable business including 'Tossed', 'Chappel Down' and 'Den', Seedrs are definitely one to watch if you're looking to invest in the next big 'it'.

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Nick Shimmen
Nick Shimmen @shimm92

Nick is one of the new members of the Worry+Peace team, with ample insurance knowledge and a love of Triathlon, he’s got more energy in his little finger than most. He blogs about Cyber risk, Cycling, buzz and anything that takes his fancy.