PouchMail - A smart email address for all your insurance

1st.2ndname@pouch.fyi = simple in its revolutionary loveliness

Pouch, the insurance wallet by Worry+Peace now includes, as standard, a free smart email address for all your insurance interactions. It's beautifully simple, personalised, original and game-changing.

We call this release "Sherbet Pips". And it's kind of apt - lots of little drops of information - put lovingly in one place for you to explore and play about with.


It's our smarter way to engage and organise people when they meet the world of insurance. This is just the first step of Pouchmail, the first version. We can't wait to keep adding to it!

When used by customers, it will sandbox their current insurance email and communication chaos to create order and brand contact the customer controls under one hood. And we're not going to use it just to sell more insurance - we want you to shop where you want. We just want it all to be easy to engage with.

Mail's use cases and plans:

  • Using instead of your gmail, hotmail or SME email for any insurance quote or purchase
  • Pouch settings then update you, keeping your inbox clean and tidy from insurance email mess!
  • Forward emails you've found in your inbox to your mail address, too
  • Get one viewpoint for all the different insurer interactions you have
  • Claims emails arrive in Pouch, too
  • Use Pouch's purpose-built tools to store active policies, set useful reminders and browse our own marketplace.
  • Create a community with better buying power
  • Find trends or issues within the mail items we aggregate
  • Future updates to add more functionality after we hear what users want

Don’t take my word for it, let’s consider a user journey for buying car insurance. Searching via a comparison site means a relationship with the comparer, then with the underlying retailer or carrier you choose, having ducked through the gate of the comparer.

Just for that one purchase, you might visit two or maybe even three comparison sites, a couple of direct carriers or brands and then pick one. You might even accidentally check the newsletter box and be stuck with reminders, updates and sell, sell, sell emails for goodness knows how long.

How many emails is that?

Too many for your inbox and, even then, your inbox is pretty dumb when it comes to insurance. It can let you tag emails, or save the documents locally, but it’s not insurance smart and won’t ever be able to add any value, connect you to fellow brand customers, new solutions, tell you about trends or problems others are facing. Not to mention the fact you'll need to login to lots of different platforms just to access what you need.

That's just for car insurance! Now imagine you want to choose a different travel, life, home, lifestyle or another specialist insurer. All. Those. Emails. Many of which are actually quite important and relevant.

How about some efficiency, people?

Pouch.fyi does just that for everyone who’s ever bought or is going to buy insurance. We’re just starting this amazing journey, but already we’re seeing use-cases galore and a wealth of benefits for the community that use our email. Together, their data from across the market, will allow us to hold insurance to account, unlock value that’s currently stuck in the system and find better outcomes for customers.

A Pouch user with a 'pouchmail' unlocked can go anywhere, quote anything, buy from whomever they like, us or the next brand - using their @pouch.fyi lets them put it all in one place. Syncing documents as it goes. No intrusive email syncing, no friction to find and upload documents, no searching your crowded personal or work inbox for policy numbers or links to quote retrieval.

Bonuses, too! It also gives us a window into industry practice and respect for the rules of contacting customers. Two-for-one customer pluses.

There are some startups out there who need to plug into your inbox to find your insurance. Who wants someone having access to your personal and private stuff? Soon we’ll see more focus than ever on who gets what access to private things. If someone doesn't need to connect to your inbox - why let them?

Our approach is simpler, less complex, better for insurance shoppers and more sensitive to customer needs. But, then, that’s always been our strategy - patient innovation. We're going to make sure our customers get the big picture and, as a community, control it and get the value from it.

1stname.2ndname@Pouch.fyi is a simple, smarter and world-first solution to the convenience and annoyance issue of finding and buying insurance. (Oh, and if you want a vanity email? Maybe soon...)

We’ll also be able to connect our discovery and marketplace features on Worry+Peace rapidly and quickly to carefully vetted and chosen marketplace partners. (November = marketplace first wave!) We won’t need APIs, or complex mapping to link customers to the best insurance offerings out there - we’ll offer a flexible, dynamic marketplace that ensures the common denominators are covered. That's low cost, scalable and durable.

That is the future of insurance I see. An ecosystem that’s flexible, connected and truly customer-centric. I call it the “stretchy marketplace”.

Stocking insurance products is a hard mission. We’re authorised by the FCA, but it doesn't mean we can just offer products from the entire sector - it's more complex than that. So we've found the best way to improve the model as it stands - we simultaneously make our own useful products, connect handpicked insurance sellers to our customers, and liberate our customers to shop wherever they want besides. A store and a platform working symbiotically.

AirBnB is the largest ‘hotel’ chain with no hotels - I think the world’s largest 'insurer' will be one which doesn’t act like an insurer, maybe doesn't even have a balance sheet for insurance at all. We’re heading to that place, fast.

We'll power consumers' freedom to browse and buy anywhere. We’ll also stock a range of crafted products - made by us and our partners. We’ll explore all the useful data our many consumers send our way and make it work for them - not those charging the insurance industry hundreds of millions to get in front of customers.

We’ll liberate users by giving them flexibility and control like never before. We'll help people buy insurance better like I've always promised.

AI? We think the AI comes after the data well - let's see how consumers buy, what problems they face, what trends they create. What data use-cases they are comfortable with - that's the key and it will be their choice. Their community to shape and influence.

One email @pouch.fyi to change the entire insurance buying experience.

We’ve released the first 50 inboxes to a lucky few influencers and balloted existing customers from our many thousands. Once the beta test's feedback is gathered, we'll make another general release to all our existing customers and go from there.

This isn’t the finished product - but the fragmented product experiences customers endure is finished. For now, we'll keep it stealth and see what the first 50 say... If you want early-bird access, drop us a line...

I’ll be sharing more information on this as the week goes by.

Insurance is going to get better, just you wait.

James York
James York @worryandpeace

James is the founder of Worry+Peace. Not only is he a personal insurance guru, he’s also a seasoned tech and lifestyle writer and publisher, having launched Blokely and a number of successful specialist blogs. James sits on two digital steering committees in the insurance industry and is a campaign partner for Fintech Futures (Insurance Age). He is also alarmingly positive about almost everything, with a concrete can-do attitude and a no-nonsense spring in his step.