Worry+Peace to launch a Life Insurance product service

Founder announces brand new solution for customers out soon - "Blossom"

I’m delighted to share with you that we’re launching "Blossom" a new Life Insurance product service very, very soon. We’ve chosen to link up with the quite lovely folks at Cavendish online. They’ve been specialising in this area of for a goodly while and, having met their team and done our due diligence, we think they’re a great fit for our customers.


The "Blossom" service will launch soon, and offers customers either a non-advised “self-service” offering, with a custom-made channel just for us, or an advised route - where Cavendish and their team will make a recommendation for our customers.

People typically choose to buy life insurance when a big, big life event happens. That might be buying a house with a sizeable mortgage burden, or having kids. Often, companies offer life insurance as a benefit, but many ambitious folks realise the value in adding extra cover to this when they can afford it. Life is something to celebrate, but the reality is, it’s finite. We hope this solution provides solace for those not wishing their story to end without those they love getting the support they will need.

Every customer will be able to discover the offering via our main shop, worryandpeace.com, and documents will be integrated over time into Pouch to create maximum convenience. We’ll also be ensuring Worry+Peace and Cavendish’s service is on culture and fits our brands’ joint values. I can’t wait!

The self-service checkout will bring quotes from a panel of renowned insurers and offer standard online e-commerce fulfilment. Cavendish Online will also be able to offer an "advised" service, where they'll offer customers a recommendation, and offer critical illness cover where required.

It’s part of the plan, too. When it comes to personal insurance buyers - we’re doing something unique.

It may not have escaped notice, but we have a couple products already that help couples and customers on their journey through life - I call it the “lifepath”. We’ve been working on adding more products and providers to compliment both the lifepath and lifestyles of our customers. It’s been time-consuming and I'm delighted to say the pace of release will be rapid - because we’ve also built the right technology to power it. This is just the start!

Personally, it’s been an amazing honour for Worry+Peace to be there in two of the most important moments of our customers lives - their engagement and their wedding. People are forging partnerships for life and, inspired by that, we want our brand to forge as close a partnership as we can with customers, too.

Alongside the wonderful tools we’ve been making and adding to on our customer wallet and app, Pouch, we’re going to continue to add value to our customer experience.

As we continue to build a core line of products for customers, which we source direct from insurers, we’re also focused on adding specialist, expert partners to our inventory. As long as you get the right service, with a culture and set of values that fits our Worry+Peace mission to help you “buy insurance better”, we’re going to keep connecting dots. We’re making a start point for any insurance need, and useful tools for you - regardless of where you end up shopping.

In Cavendish, and their two Life Insurance services options, we’ve found a provider that believes in the same things we do. We’ve also got a fantastic opportunity to offer our next wave of customers even more value and benefit.

This is the first of a few partners that we'll work closely with, but ensure it's all tied together and available in one convenient destination for you.

I’ll be implementing generous, really incredibly generous, introduce-a-friend offers for our customers to share our life insurance service with their friendship groups. These products are long-term, so there’s an opportunity to really make a powerful impact with customers.

We'd also like your help to craft and improve the products on offer in the coming months and years.

I know this is just a titbit right now, but I promise we’ll bring you news of the launch details very soon, plus more on our initial promotions and offers to spice up your choices. For the moment, rest assured this is the first of a few exceptional expansions for insurance stocked and accessed via Worry+Peace.

Thank you for sharing the journey with us, we love insurance so you don’t have to.


Founder Worry+Peace