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What is Worry+Peace?

Worry+Peace is a reviews-led marketplace.

Review insurance. Find Providers. Manage Choices.

We work with both sides of the insurance market.

🤔Buyers - FREE to use


What is a Provider Page?

Every provider on Worry+Peace will, as well as any Product Listings they choose to add, have a profile page.

Providers may wish to signpost to this page from their own website.

On a page you can:

🥇Review a provider

😇Read other reviews

🛒Check and visit products they offer

🔖Follow/Bookmark a provider

Providers can link to this page and invite their buyers to visit it and submit unique reviews.

Relates to: Product Listings, Reviews, Buyers.


No, sorry. If you'd like a recommendation we suggest you look for a broker on our platform. They give advice!

⚖️ Is this all regulated?

No. We do not take any commission, so that makes us more of a software platform than a provider of insurance.

We do not charge any sales-related fees. We are sales-neutral. It is not our intention to solicit buyers to browse, quote or buy from any provider in particular.

We view the informed and empowered buyer choice as our fundamental goal.

As a software platform - the content we host is created by providers, not us. Just as social media channels are subject to regulation by the twitter handle owner - not twitter.

☂️ What is a Provider?

Any website or service upon which a Buyer can find, be given advice and recommendations; to buy or compare insurance services.

It might be an intermediary, or a broker, a direct insurer, a comparison site or even an affinity brand!

💡What is an example? Aviva.

🤔Who are Buyers?

Simple, that's YOU anyone that buys insurance. Some will be buying for their personal life - others for business.

We label you Buyers because our service is designed to help you buy insurance better.

Everything we do is about arbitrating your relationship with the insurance industry.

We're not on anyone's side but fairness.

🔎How does Search work?

Easy. We host search results for Providers but also Products.

We keep it quite controlled so you get the right answers - fast, with not waffle.

Find out more with this story:

How Search Works

How do I suggest a new feature?

Awesome! We love that. So do it.... ears open.

Suggest a feature

🚀 What are boosted listings

We earn money two ways:

1) Subscriptions from Providers for our suite of software

2) Providers bidding to boost their listings to top spots

🙌Auctions are 100% transparent

We don't set the cost per click the providers pay to boost some of their listings. The market decides. It's fair, and should result in lower costs to them - which is good for you because that will make their prices more competitive.

Top Spots are three simple enhanced "visible" placements - similar to the way a print page might be divided up for advertisers. If you want to boost one of your Products to be guaranteed a place in one of the three Top Spots for a given product variety such as "Unoccupied Home insurance", you can.

There are four key things to remember:

  1. Auctions are "time-limited" and end on Friday at 12.30pm every week.
  2. Auctions are transparent, "English Auctions" - everyone sees the prevailing bid and bidders.
  3. Winning an Auction gets the product card Unlimited Clicks on the listing position they've won.
  4. If you don't bid, everything in your Products tab still shows on the Search. You always win!

Entering an Auction:

They can only really do five things in an auction:

  1. Add a brand new bid
  2. Edit, or overwrite, an existing bid
  3. Delete a bid
  4. Check the box "recurring bid" to submit it every week
  5. Press the "Place Bids" button to commit their actions

Top Spot boosts are active for 7 Days. Then it starts again.

Will Worry+Peace spam me?

No. No and no.

We put you in control. Your mailbox simply keeps emails sent to you.

You have a full privacy dashboard you can use, too. We will never hold any of your payment details - you'll be working directly with providers.

We're your guardian.

How do I cancel my profile?

You simply use your dashboard to request it. Login and open up your profile. Scroll down. We'll take the hint...


👀 Do I have have a Direct relationship with the Provider?

Yes. Our system is not pervasive, the aim is to connect you to a Provider, not get between you.

If you buy insurance from them, you have all the same rights - we're simply a backup for the process you went through. We're a means to provide powerful feedback and store your processes.

🆓 How much is Worry+Peace

For buyers - it's FREE. F.R.E.E.

What if there are no providers listed in a search?

We're working hard to have results for everything insurance related. If you don't find a provider - there's a backup form you can fill out and we'll try and find some options.

We have over 800 product types, with hundreds of managed and unmanaged providers on the platform.

What do I do if I have an unanswered question?

Email us or arrange a callback.

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